Green Smart Innovation Center

ReMoni Korea

Learning about the latest in energy reduction at Green Smart Innovation Center in Yongin, South Korea. An eco-friendly experimental R&D facility by Hyundai Engineering & Construction. In the center, three departments are set up to conduct architecture related experiments on housing, offices and multipurpose buildings.

Ole Puggaard, Chief Revenue Officer at ReMoni was looking into effectiveness of energy reduction while taking workplace environments into account. The company built the center using Smart Building Energy Management System (BEMS) technology which was developed by Hyundai E&C and allows the company to effectively control the use and storage of energy.

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ReMoni has been featured in Ingeniøøren, Electronic Supply and more Danish platforms

ReMoni’s solutions have been mentioned in several magazines over the past couple of weeks.

Ingeniøren (Magazine “The Engineer”) has written a feature about the challenges the Radio Equipment Directive (RED) are causing Danish companies and how Bo Eskerod Madsen handled the legislation before it even became an issue.

Electronic Supply has written two articles about how ReMoni’s sensors detect Legionella and the major problem with buildings energy and resource waste that ReMoni wants to resolve.

The magazine Forsyning (Utility) has written a feature about the legionella solution, so there’s plenty of ways for you to be updated on the latest news.

All articles are in Danish.

New Energy Management solution helps you grow a better bottum-line

Solution on energy waste with ReMoni

ReCalc MoniTor is a brand-new kind of EMS-software, designed to optimize companies use of energy and resources. In a unique combination of patented clamp-on IoT sensors and Machine Learning, it has never been easier to get the full picture of your building’s energy consumption.

See how to use ReCalc MoniTor here.

Complicated data is useless data

Energy management does not have to be complicated. Actually, ease of use was the paramount requirement for the development of the system – because, as Chief Revenue Officer Ole Puggaard puts it: “Complicated data are useless data.” That is also the reason why ReCalc MoniTor can collect data from any kind of meters and sensors – not just ReMoni’s own. Ole Puggard continues:

“Often, complicated and unstructured data are equal to loss of money – even in companies that really try to reduce energy waste. Therefore, it has been important for us to develop a system that provides an overview of the concrete possibilities for usage and management of the data.”

ReCalc MoniTor converts data into user-friendly analyses, reports and graphical overviews to provide valuable knowledge for companies, municipalities or building managers. 

Coherent solutions rock

The coherent system, connecting hardware and cloud-software, makes ReCalc MoniTor quite different from other available solutions.

“ReCalc MoniTor delivers the only coherent solution regarding energy management. Opposite other available management systems, we have full control over the entire data-chain,” Ole Puggaard says.

The CEO of ReMoni, Bo Eskerod Madsen continues:

“You get customized data insights that give an accurate overview of the building’s energy consumption. Install the wireless clamp-on sensors easily on the outside of power lines, water pipes or heating pipes to monitor units instead of just main meters. The data are precise and give ReCalc MoniTor optimal conditions when it comes to delivering meaningful results to the costumers.”

Learn more about ReCalc MoniTor here.

Moving Day

ReMoni is expanding and moving

Exciting things are happening in ReMoniland. We are officially moving out of the garage.

We’re expanding with no less than 300 square meters and from this sunny Friday, you’ll find us in Stilling. Spring is in the air and ReMoni is blossoming.

Ease of installation

Easy installation

Feedback from customers is always welcome. Here is a comment we got from one of the biggest energy suppliers in Denmark.

“I was out to install a couple of sensors at a customer’s place the other day. I have to admit that I was a little skeptical, as the gateway had to be installed in one (steel) cabinet, PowerMoni in another steel cabinet and HeatMoni in a completely different room that had steel walls. Not the best conditions for wireless communication.

After mounting the sensors and powering up the gateway, data started coming into the ReMoni cloud (ReCalc) after a few moments. How cool was that? I have been working with data loggers for more than 10 years and I have never experienced that it worked so easily before!”

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Demo kits

Demo kit ReMoni

It’s a good day!

We have ordered 100 PCBs, so we can build 20 demo kits and start opening our solution beyond our closed group of reference customers.

We are looking much forward to get it out there… actually it’s hard to wait.

Our kits are growing…

ReMoni growth with new kits

Our kits are growing and soon 20 of these kits are ready to demonstrate PowerMoniSpot, FlowMoniSpot and HeatMoniSpot. We are so proud of them.

The first beta installations have been running for a while and now a set of 20 demo-kits are being built, to enable hands-on test at your place. They consist of:

Find all our solutions in our webshop here.

Electronics development insourced

Develco - insourcing engineer

We have agreed with our prior electronics development house Develco that they leave our EUDP development project. We had different paths in the project and decided that ReMoni and Caverion will run the rest of the project alone.

Fortunately, we have been able to attract very strong developers in the field, so the rest of the electronics development is insourced, and the entire core development is thereby running in-house.