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To every challenge there is a solution. 

With ReMoni you can easily monitor and debug power consumption, water pipes and heating/cooling pipes. We deliver a coherent full-scale solution from sensors to the cloud.

Keep track of your data with ReCalc and get a graphical overview with ReCalc MoniTor. Here are some examples of our solutions.

fan ventilation

Is your ventilation running day and night?

If the ventilation is running day and night there is probably an error in the control system – typically a hanging switch or a programming error. This type of error is often not identified, and the energy consumption for ventilation and heat or air-condition will therefore be unnecessary high for a long period of time. The lifetime of the ventilation system will also be shortened. Monitor your ventilation aggregate with PowerMoniSpot to optimize your energy consumption.


How are your solar panels performing?

Monitor your solar/PC inverter with PowerMoniSpot to receive a warning if the pattern of your solar panels should change significantly or stop delivering power. 


Avoid clogged pumps

There are many “hidden” filters in technical installations. Your water supply, central heating and cooling system typically have a filter to prevent impurities to pollute or damage the system. Filters are often serviced according to schedule if serviced at all. By monitoring your water supply pump with PowerMoniSpot, you can detect and avoid clogged pump filters.


Spot low cooling in central heating

Monitor the supply and return temperatures of your heating pipes with HeatMoniSpot to identify if the cooling is too low, resulting in transmission losses. Find out how this solution could benefit your production in our cooling flyer. 


Do your pumps run irregular?

If your electric water pump stops working properly you risk substantial damage to your building and it’s facilities. By monitoring the water supply pump with PowerMoniSpot we identify irregularities based on both the running patterns of the pump and similar pumps close by. This enables us to warn you before a possible breakdown.

When are your lights on?

It is obvious that light should not be turned on in empty buildings. Monitoring the electric lights with PowerMoniSpot could lower your energy bill significantly. How? Because you recieve alarms in case of turned on light during the hours you have scheduled the building to be closed down. Based on new insights you can turn off the light every time it ends up being turned on, for example over night, for absolutely no reason.


Do not waste your energy

If the circulation pump runs constantly with hot water, you are likely to waste a lot of energy. Most often we do not need 70 °C in our water taps. It is much better to shut it off occasionally. Cooling of hot water takes a day at least, so the water in your office building never gets cooler than 20 °C. No one will notice, and you will save a lot of money. Read more about monitoring hot water supply pipes with HeatMoniSpot in our cooling flyer.


Get the most out of your heating

How is the heat flow in your building? Where is the heat going, and is it evenly distributed? Find out by clamping HeatMoniSpot onto your heating pipes.


Comfort is everything

The importance of a healthy indoor environment is well-documented and the temperature must be just right. If the central heating circulation pump has a defect, it could cause fluctuations in the room temperature, and if the ventilation likewise does not work properly, the indoor climate is likely to be unhealthy. Use PowerMoniMain to monitor the central heating circulation pump and the ventilation in a room.

Save money with monitoring

Follow up on your contractors

Is your A/C living up to the specifications and promises made by the supplier? Are your technical installations using more energy, than you are aware of? Find out by monitoring the power consumption of your single units with PowerMoniSpot, which you can find more about in this production flyer.


Do you know when your machine needs maintenance?

By installing PowerMoniSpot directly onto the cable of a ventilation system or another technical installation, you can track how many operation hours a specific unit has run. Therby you can prevent production shutdowns and expensive machine failures. In ReCalc you can set an alarm for the next maintenance to keep your production line in top shape. 


Prevent a high standby consumption

Reducing a large standby consumption can help you save both power and money. Standby consumption can be estimated by using PowerMoniSpot calibrated or PowerMoniMain on the parts of the installations you wish to monitor. Use it on lights, laptops, servers, info screens, the coffee machine… The sky is the limit! If the power consumption stays high all day, there is definitely room for improvement.


Catch dysfunctional water heaters

Don’t let money and heat go to waste. If your boiler wastes a lot of energy, no one will complain as long as there is still hot water in the tap – but your bill might blow up. Monitor the electric water heater with PowerMoniSpot to catch the heaters spending a lot of energy when there is no need for hot water.

leaking pipes

Are your pipes leaking?

By detecting leaks early you avoid damaging your building from leaking water and reduce water waste. You can find the leak in time to fix it by monitoring your water supply pipe with HeatMoniSpot and prevent costly damages.

fan ventilation

Does the ventilation need service?

If the operation pattern of the ventilation begins to use more energy than usually it might need service. Perhaps the bearings are worn out or there is dirt in the fan. Both indicate an urgent need of service. By monitoring the ventilation aggregate with PowerMoniSpot you avoid a sudden breakdown. Learn more in our production flyer.


Capacity utilization of charging stations

Monitor the battery charger on your charging station with PowerMoniSpot to know the capacity utilization. Get a clear operation overview of for example forklifts, hospital bicycles, robot vacuum cleaners or lawn mowers and find out exactly when they are running and how much energy the single unit requires.

leaking pipes

Make sure your pipes are clean

Food production pipes need to be cleaned with 90 degrees hot water on a daily basis. If the boiler or the hot water tank has a malfunction, it will not always be noticed before a production has been ruined. You can avoid that by monitoring the pipes with PowerMoniSpot clamped onto the cable. Thereby you can proove that the temperature is right and that the boiler is still running.

leaking pipes

Make sure there is hot water in the shower

Monitor your hot water supply pipes with HeatMoniSpot to keep your hotel guests happy by avoiding cold water in the shower. The same counts for schools, swim baths, vacation rentals and water parks – just to name a few. 

Save money with monitoring

When is your exhaust hood on?

An exhaust hood should not run 24/7. Monitoring the exhaust hood with PowerMoniSpot could cut your heating bill in half. How? By sending you an alarm, so you are able to shut it off when it is not being used!


When is the heat on?

You can save a large amount of expensive resources by monitoring exactly when the heat is on. If the heat is turned on outside the office’s working hours, there is room for improvement and money to be saved. Monitor your central heating circulation pump with PowerMoniSpot.


Are the batteries in your electric vehicles working properly?

By monitoring the loading profile of the battery charger on the same type of electric vehicles with PowerMoniSpot, you can quickly spot if there is a problem with the battery. If the battery is charging differently than other batteries in the same type of vehicles, there might be an issue.


The future is predictable

Make sure your production runs smoothly utilizing predictive and proactive maintenance. By monitoring your technical devices and equipment minute-by-minute, predictive maintenance becomes possible and breakdowns are avoided. With our wireless Clamp-on IoT sensors you do not need to cut in cables or shut down the production in order to install the sensors. Within an hour you are up running collecting useful data to get a clear overview of your equipment’s current and future performance.