ReCalc MoniTor is a brand-new kind of EMS-software, designed to optimize companies use of energy and resources. In a unique combination of patented clamp-on IoT sensors and Machine Learning, it has never been easier to get the full picture of your building’s energy consumption.

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Complicated data is useless data

Energy management does not have to be complicated. Actually, ease of use was the paramount requirement for the development of the system – because, as Chief Revenue Officer Ole Puggaard puts it: “Complicated data are useless data.” That is also the reason why ReCalc MoniTor can collect data from any kind of meters and sensors – not just ReMoni’s own. Ole Puggard continues:

“Often, complicated and unstructured data are equal to loss of money – even in companies that really try to reduce energy waste. Therefore, it has been important for us to develop a system that provides an overview of the concrete possibilities for usage and management of the data.”

ReCalc MoniTor converts data into user-friendly analyses, reports and graphical overviews to provide valuable knowledge for companies, municipalities or building managers. 

Coherent solutions rock

The coherent system, connecting hardware and cloud-software, makes ReCalc MoniTor quite different from other available solutions.

“ReCalc MoniTor delivers the only coherent solution regarding energy management. Opposite other available management systems, we have full control over the entire data-chain,” Ole Puggaard says.

The CEO of ReMoni, Bo Eskerod Madsen continues:

“You get customized data insights that give an accurate overview of the building’s energy consumption. Install the wireless clamp-on sensors easily on the outside of power lines, water pipes or heating pipes to monitor units instead of just main meters. The data are precise and give ReCalc MoniTor optimal conditions when it comes to delivering meaningful results to the costumers.”

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