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Resource monitoring with cloud AI


Base your decisions on data, not intuition. Manage your technical installations with wireless IoT clamp-on sensors combined with artificial intelligence for radical energy savings

Saving resources is our business


In order for you to save valuable resources, energy, and money, our engineers created one of the world's most advanced technologies, combined the hardware with complex artificial intelligence and placed it in a small black box to monitor your technical installations.

Clamp-on sensors

- easy installation at low cost

The non-invasive ReMoni sensors make the installation process fast and easy on your cables and pipes. Without cutting existing cables, you minimize the risk of damage and allows installation without shutting down your production.

Because of ReCalcit's easy to follow the status of technical installations and you'll receive alarms in case of malfunction and overconsumption.


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Discreet, smart and powerful

Be seduced by the smooth and robust 30x27x154 mm clamp-on sensor.



The new kid on the block: MoniTor

ReCalc MoniTor is a brand-new kind of EMS-software, designed to optimize companies use of energy and resources. In a unique combination of patented clamp-on IoT sensors and Machine Learning, getting the full picture of your building's energy consumption has never been easier.


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Whether you work with buildings, facilities, energy or production - monitoring your technical installations are crucial but doesn't have to be difficult or expensive.

At all!