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Manage your technical installations

Production units, pumps, motors, ventilation, pipes, heaters and coolers are all examples of technical installations that waste a high amount of resources every day. It often happens without our knowledge and with costly expenses as result. 

Get insight and control over your resource consumption and production for major financial savings.

Energy consumption analysis in ReCalc MoniTor

Clamp-on IoT sensors

- easy installation at low cost

Power monitoring with PowerMoniSpot

The non-invasive ReMoni sensors make the installation process on cables or pipes fast and easy. You do not have to cut into existing cables, whereas the risk of damage is minimized. Furthermore installation does not require you to shut down the production.

Power monitoring with PowerMoniSpot
save money ReCalc MoniTor

The new kid on the block: ReCalc MoniTor

save money ReCalc MoniTor

ReCalc MoniTor is a brand new kind of EMS-software designed to optimize companies use of energy and resources. In a unique combination of patented clamp-on IoT sensors and Machine Learning, getting the full picture of your building’s energy consumption has never been easier.

ReMoni solution

Major savings are only a few clicks away. Analyze your resource consumption for better utilization with:

  • Data

  • Graphic views

  • Alarms

  • EMS

ReMoni solution