Tetramax about ReMonis IoT sensors

ReMoni’s IoT-sensors detect abnormal operation from the outside of the existing cables and pipes

The problem/challenge

Buildings and productions waste large amounts of energy every single day. Production units, pumps, motors, ventilation, pipes, heaters and coolers are all examples of technical installations that waste a high amount of resources. It often happens without our knowledge and with costly expenses as result.

The invention/product

Based on IoT ReMoni helps companies and institutions save energy by performing consumption analyses in buildings and productions. ReMoni’s solution is the only of its kind and especially stands out on two elements:

  • The sensor’s clamp-on technology with a non-invasive, damage preventing design.
  • Many measure points and a high measurement frequency due to the low-cost installation.

The coherent solution from ReMoni consists of sensors, gateways and an access to one or more dashboards in ReMoni’s cloud-platform ReCalc or ReCalc MoniTor. To prevent damage the sensors are clamped non-invasively onto the outside of existing cables and pipes, wherefrom they measure power, temperature, water, heat, cooling, etc.

Companies/industry we are looking for

We are looking for companies and technical partners to become collaboration or project partners.

Next steps/Activities

If you see opportunities in being our collaboration or project partner do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail info@remoni.com or phone +45 3064 1627.

You can find the article at TetraMax’s portal here

ReMoni receives 1.8 million € to develop ultrasound-flow metering

Bo Eskerod Madsen Verdensmål 13

ReMoni receives 1.8 million EUR to develop ultrasound-flow metering


The GreenTech company ReMoni has been boosted with 1.8 million € to expand their existing platform. ReMoni produces clamp-on monitoring of energy and technique in buildings and production and receives an atypical investment consisting of both public and private funds. ReMonis development project clamp-on flow metering has been granted an Innobooster grant of 480.000 €. ReMoni is grateful for the faith shown by the Danish Innovation Fund.

The investment from the Danish Innovation Fund of 480.000 € will be matched by a private investment of additional 1.350.000 € from the ReMonis co-owner and Chairman, Kenneth Iversen. Kenneth is an experienced and successful businessman with a strong set of values about decentness, responsibility and not at least to make the employees co-owners of ReMoni.


Kenneth is an experienced and successful businessman with a strong set of values about decentness, responsibility and not at least to make the employees co-owners of ReMoni.



Danish sustainability

ReMoni is a Danish company aiming to find savings in production and buildings by effectively finding and fixing operation errors and waste. ReMonis solutions is based on new, intelligent technology and stands out by its price. The price for this innovative water and heating metering can be shorted down to 1/5 of the price on the competitors’ meters on the market.

ReMonis clamp-on flow metering uses ultrasound to monitor flow – flow meant as the amount of liquid running through a pipe during a chosen period. The million investment has been awarded for second phase in the development of the clamp-on flow metering for water and heating. Where the first phase was development of a prototype, the second will be further development towards a fully mature product. This smart kind of metering can be done from the outside of existing pipes, so you avoid cutting into pipes to install the measurement probe.


” By uniting for investment in green technology for easy and cost-effective flow metering Kenneth Iversen and the Danish Innovation Fund make an excellent example. All involved parts gain a better investment and we contribute to the necessary conversion to address the climate crisis.”

– Bo Eskerod Madsen, CEO at ReMoni.


Mission to reduce waste

Development of clamp-on flow metering supports ReMonis mission of waste elimination regarding energy, production and CO2. The company’s CEO Bo Eskerod Madsen started his career as electrician on the countryside and is today holding a Ph.D. in analytical statistics (also known as Data Science) from Denmark and New Zealand. Bo founded ReMoni in 2014 and in 2018 the company moved to larger facilities in a small town called Stilling. In 2021 the company can look forward to moving to larger facilities.

Celebrating larger orders

ReMoni large order

We’re always celebrating larger orders with a glass of Champagne. Feel free to visit our webshop and contact us if you want to hear more about our different energy saving solutions.

US Tour

ReMoni in US

ReMoni is in the US to expand the ReMoni empire and meet future customers, partners and Value-Added Resellers. Stay updated on our development on our website and LinkedIn page.

ReMoni is breaking ground!

ReMoni Norway A/S

We are excited to announce that ReMoni has established a subsidiary company in Norway. ReMoni Norway is 100% owned by ReMoni and we are thrilled to see our business grow and develop in Scandinavia.

Z Energi AS appointed Norwegian Sole Distributor!

Z energi og ReMoni

“We have been looking at the Norwegian market for quite some time now – with multiple inquiries from both end customers, energy consultants and utility companies,” says CRO Ole Puggaard. “It is important that the partner cannot only  ensure market growth, but also has deep industry and customer knowledge and track record. We believe to have found all the above in Z Energi and we are looking forward to the cooperation,” he continues. Read more at www.zenergi.no.

We got ourselves a new product manager!

ReMoni Rasmus Product Manager

We are thrilled to announce that Rasmus is our new Product Manager. As a skilled Mechanical Engineer, Rasmus will be an important link between our production and development department, as well as our software, sales and marketing branch. You will also meet Rasmus in projects and technical training.

Great stuff is happening, and we’re running at full speed.
Welcome, Rasmus!