Save money on ventilation

spar penge på dyre ventilationsanløg

Can you reduce your ventilation costs by 50 % without lowering the comfort?

If so, you are not alone. Related to ventilation systems we find one of the costliest mistakes. This stresses the importance of frequently checking up on the Energy Management System after services and repair of minor defects.

We do need ventilation

Recently a Danish municipal institution managed to reduce its ventilation costs by 40 % by simply checking up on the ventilation performance. The error was tracked back to a non-intended resetting of the EMS-system after a standard service. If you are responsible of one or more buildings, it is essential to have a sufficient overview. ReMonis design process of the IoT-sensors has been based on this acknowledgement to provide exactly that: A data based overview with customized data sampling available as frequently as every two minutes.

”After a defect we have had service on the EMS-system – I got the feeling that something was not operating as it should.”
– Facility Manager in a Danish Municipality up on an energy reduction of 40 %.


Ventilation in buildings prevents mold and ensures a healthy physical working environment, whereas it is necessary. The importance of ventilation is rarely on topic, but nevertheless it is an essential function inside our buildings. Overall, the ventilation system is contributing to maintain a high air quality by constantly venting in fresh air while venting out the CO2.

Do not compromise the comfort to achieve energy savings.

Stay in control

In the cloud platform ReCalc you can log in to get an overview of the current and historical ventilation consumption in your buildings. Access your consumption data in a detailed review and detect changes easily.

Thus, you can distinguish changes from the usual operation pattern and act on facts. Stay in control of your selected units and detect fluctuations when they appear with the sensor PowerMoniSpot clamped onto the cable with cable ties. Utilize the customized data sampling to optimize your manufacturing.

If you are a Facility Manager or similar PowerMoniMain help you gain overview across units and buildings. With our power sensor PowerMoniMain or PowerMoniSpot it does not become much easier: You can find errors in the EMS-system on an on-going basis. Besides, you can localize units, that could easily operate on a lower level during for example nights and weekends, where the production activity is at its lowest.


AI and cloud technology in an innovative, user-friendly solution.

ReCalc will let you know

Don’t worry if your building’s ventilation system is mismatching the settings of your EMS-system – ReCalc will let you know. ReCalc provides you with a constantly updated data review leaving you with an always updated overview. Based on this, you can localize challenges and defects in an early. By managing them in time you avoid costly surprises.


Minimize your downtime

spar penge undgå nedetid

Optimal manufacturing requires an overview – even across services


Most services are planned according to a certain time interval  This approach is quite common, even though different units do not operate equally and therefore do not show signs of wear and tear at the same time. As a result, the unit’s service interval can vary a lot which increases the importance of an overview to prevent an unwanted break down.


If you, as a professional, are employed in the production area, you must have experienced how impossible it can seem to gain an overview across the different units and get it based on a frequent data sampling going on 24/7.


A good overview is the best way to avoid a production stop.  

An overview of great value

The production units do rarely need service at the same time. For this reason, it would be essential only to perform service on the units when it is needed. Preventing wear by performing maintenance is of great value, since it prevents units from breaking down, which leaves the employees unable to do their job.


If you for example only perform services after each 6000 operation hours there is a significant risk to miss it, if a unit should show signs of wear between two services and thereby need for additional maintenance.  

Tip: Find a shortcut to ReCalc in the top right corner of ReMonis website.

An overview across services

Lack of overview is expensive and so is unnecessary service.

For this reason, ReMoni is launching the power sensor PowerMoniMain, which provides you with an overview of energy consumption regardless services. Such a detailed overview is highly suitable for you as a Facility Manager where the everyday tend to be busy. With this solution you can effectively act on facts as soon as a  certain action is needed.

Få et værdifuldt overblik og spar penge på driften med ReMoni. Undgå nedetid med detaljeret energimåling.

Utilize the capacity
You can follow the consumption of your production by following measurements from PowerMoniMain sampled every two minutes. If units which should have been closed down nights and weekends are still operating, you can rapidly detect and manage it. We call it act on facts.


On a longer term you will experience a raise in the consumption of some units as they get more and more worn out over time. After a certain number of operation hours, the units performance will be affected. You get nothing out of it – beside an increased electricity bill.

PowerMoniMain provides data sampling as frequently as every two minutes so you can take action. 

Avoid production stop

This solution makes it easy for you to spend your time as effectively as possible. Besides, this enables you to follow the operation development closely over time and exclusively summon technicians when you know that it is actually needed.


The data reading is easy and simple and in ReCalc – or ReCalc MoniTor – you have the option to set alarms. By doing this, you can gain a valuable overview in your prefered cloud platform. This makes it easy for you to take action and likely to save large amounts on money on production stop and downtime in the production.

Get an improved consumption overview with ReCalc or ReCalc MoniTor

In its shortest version ReCalc is a data presentation. 

In the extended version it is a visual data presentation based on IoT and a part of ReMonis solution – no matter which sensor type you choose. In ReCalc you can access the data sampled by your sensor(s) and adjust the measurement rate and which changes should trigger an alarm. ReMonis sensors report data in real time to help you get aware of your invisible consumption. With ReCalc you have influence on the data sampling rate, which enables you to sample data based on your needs.

Get started with ReCalc

When receiving our solution, you get one or more sensors and a gateway. Clamp on the user-friendly sensor(s) on the outside of the cable or pipe and connect the wireless gateway to a power supply and to the internet. On the outside of your new gateway there is an ID-number which you will need to log in at ReCalc.

Setting up ReCalc is simple and gives you maximum control of your energy monitoring.

First time you access your data you need to create the sensor unit by its ID-number. If you need assistance, you can find an explanation with indicative screen dumps here. When your sensors have been created you can log in and get started.

Tip: Find a shortcut to ReCalc in the top right corner of ReMonis website.

Figure: Data presentation in ReCalc showcasing the consumption for district heating with a HeatMoniSpot.

How to use ReCalc
ReCalc is an online platform for data presentation. To start using it you must create a login to, where you can access data and adjust the frequency of the samplings. This gives you maximum control of your energy monitoring in an area where influence on data sampling is rather unusual. By using ReCalc it becomes easy to react based on the following:

  • Data monitoring
  • Graphical data presentation in ReCalc
  • User settings for alarms and warnings
  • User settings for ReMonis different sensors
  • ReCalc can easily be connected to the extension ReCalc MoniTor

You can use ReCalc on computer, tablet and smartphone. When logged in you can create multiple users and accounts to give different employees access to different data sets. One of ReCalcs strengths is the connection between advanced data sampling and the simple data presentation.

Thanks to this, the consumption pattern gets easy to analyze, understand and not at least to act upon.
ReCalc MoniTor
Figure: Data presentation in ReCalc Monitor showcasing the power consumption in kWh.
Figure: Data presentation in ReCalc Monitor showcasing the consumption for district heating with a HeatMoniSpot.

Choose ReCalc MoniTor for a detailed overview.

Customized to your needs

Sometimes a detailed overview is of great value. If your company also works better based on insights, you should consider the similar EMS-system ReCalc MoniTor, which provide you with an extended graphical overview. With ReCalc MoniTor you get an overview of the total and specific consumption. This means that by looking into for example the power consumption you can easily analyze and compare the consumption shares used for lighting and ventilation just to name a few.

You can compare ReCalc and ReCalc MoniTor on the pictures and read more about ReCalc MoniTor’s extended data presentation here.

Why ReMoni? Understand the solution in 3 minutes

Spar på ressourcerne med energimåling med PowerMoniMain

Product and solution in one 


Need for detailed insight solution

A day in 2013 Bo Eskerod Madsen got an idea. He wanted to know the exact consumption and performance for each unit, 24/7. At this time, no solution could meet that exact need, and therefore Bo developed a new measurement concept called ReMoni. The company’s DNA consist of local data sampling, which is send to the cloud where the users can access their consumption – measured over time and specifically for the single installations. What’s in it for you can best be explained with one of the sensors as an example.  

Understand PowerMoniMain in 3 minutes here.

If consumption is the challenge, PowerMoniMain is the solution.


Non-specific consumption

Do you recognize the challenge with only non-specific consumption measurements, or do you know for sure that none of your operating costs are rising year after year?
In many companies the energy account is approved without lifting an eyebrow if it is within a margin of the account from last year. As a result, the development is rarely being checked up upon, which provides a potential for large savings. PowerMoniMain is not just a product but a part of a coherent solution.

In comparison with other market alternatives PowerMoniMain is easy to install and inexpensive to acquire – and the ROI is typically only weeks. In other words, PowerMoniMain is a user friendly and effective energy meter that can help you get a detailed overview of your consumption. It enables you to check up on your consumption when you have got time for it. With this complex cloud solution, you can maintain the overview across your electrical installations with detailed monitoring presented in a user-friendly view.

Acting on facts have never been easier!

ReMonis løsning er detaljeret forbrugsmåling, der giver overblik og sparrer dig for penge.


Get an overview of the complexity in your installations by screening specific measurements. 

With 15 channels you can monitor up to 15 units in one comprehensive overview.
At ReMoni we have spent years on developing the concept behind PowerMoniMain. The reason for that is, that this meter has been created based on market insights and experience with specific production facility needs. PowerMoniMain stands out from the alternatives on the market by offering 15 channels and clamp on-installation. Overall, it has been recognized for its great potential for savings on consumption. As an ”add on” to your cost savings you are actively supporting a sustainable environment.

It’s a win-win.

When you have received your PowerMoniMain you should not clamp it onto the cables like a PowerMoniSpot but install it into the buildings switch board. We have solved the typical problem with limited space in the main switch board when designing the PowerMoniMain. It fits the switch boards by using CT-clamps mounted onto each single phase. From here data is send to ReMoni’s gateway and on to ReMoni’s cloud platform ReCalc. In ReCalc you can access your power consumption data presented in a detailed dashboard.

It becomes easy to act on facts with a PowerMoniMain.


The easy choice
In short PowerMoniMain makes it easy to examine the consumption footprint. If you need to know both power and voltage you can easily use PowerMoniMain with banana connectors with magnetic probes for the connectivity. Simply click one onto each phase terminal in the 3 phases of the switch board to receive monitoring data with a time interval of 2 seconds.

If your installations have a significant data consumption you can exchange the CT-clamps with some suitable for higher current-levels. PowerMoniMain can be adjusted to different CT-clamps  and manage op to 1200 ampere. Get an overview of the complexity in the electrical installations with quick screenings on different installations in your production. Screening measurements from PowerMoniMain provides detailed insights regarding electrical parameters such as power consumption and voltage variation. If you would like to learn more, please find our presentation of ReCalc here.

The good choice

As mentioned in the introduction, ReMoni was invented thanks to Bo Eskerod Madsen’s wish for insight in his consumption and his wish to spend the resources in the most sustainable way. After the first few years in business we are still confirmed in what we do – and that a good consumption overview is a good first step towards a more sustainable operation.


I4MS-SAE Label awarded!
One of our projects have earned the I4MS-SAE label, recognizing it’s excellent implementation, high potential for further deployment and innovative level aspect.

This project aims to lowering energy consumption in manufacturing SME’s by powering our IoT clamp-on high precision sensors with the energy efficiency intelligence platform from EnergySequence.

Learn more about I4MS at