Energy Cluster Denmark yearly meeting

Today I have had the honor of giving a presentation at the Energy Cluster Denmark annual meeting.

It is, among other things, about how innovation has created our technology so that we can deliver climate savings to Danish building owners with certainty of financial profit, risk-free and without investments.

Thank you for the cooperation Syddansk Universitet – University of Southern DenmarkDTU – Technical University of DenmarkAarhus UniversitetAalborg UniversitetTeknologisk InstitutFORCE TechnologyAlexandra InstituttetErhvervshus Midtjylland Erhvervshus NordjyllandInnovationsfondenEUDP – Det Energiteknologiske Udviklings- og Demonstrationsprogram

Let’s begin with the low hanging fruits

In ReMoni we believe that the most #sustainable and resource-friendly way of achieving #energyefficiency is to exploit current systems and installations much more.

We should also continue pursuing energy efficiency in the form of expensive and time-consuming renovations impacting on the long run, but let’s use the low hanging fruits as catalysator for speeding up the energy efficiency progress in general.

In this case you can read about one of these low-hanging fruits for one of our customers.

Here it is presented how our market-proven service Predictive Heating Optimization results in 30% heating reduction on average intelligently and completely automatic.
The case takes you through what challenges we tackle, what our solution is – and most importantly what the measured results are.

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Proptech Denmark

After a day fully packed at yesterday’s #Proptech Symposium 2023 we are energized and if possible, even prouder to be part of the green transition within #property.
The day showed urgent need for action but did also inspire hope.
At the panel debate on stage about #decarbonizing buildings, our CEO Bo Eskerod Madsen said:
“We have market-proven services already today that have a massive, measurable, and very concrete impact of 30% energy and CO2 reductions; there is no need to wait, let’s get the green transition rolling together – now.”
Thank you for all the interesting talks to both current and future partners, let us use the #GreenTech to change the property industry.
Kudos for organizing an amazing event PropTech Denmark.

10 year anniversary

10 years of innovation and energy savings.

We have come a long way – and yet we have only just begun.

There are still a lot of savings to be made by reducing energy consumption and emitting less CO2.

It all started with Bo Eskerod Madsen’s entrepreneurial spirit and pioneering technological solutions.

And now, a decade later, ReMoni has grown into a well-established company with over 40 employees and with solid equity.

We would like to thank all our customers, partners and employees for the unwavering support, trust and commitment over the years.

The day has been celebrated with cake and barbecue for lunch. And of course a demo from the development department on a new feature 😀


In front of the Danish Embassy in Sweden in Stockholm, a few words were said about my and ReMoni’s visit to Stockholm 😀🌱

Swedish Partnerships coming up!

In ReMoni we have Danish roots but global ambitions!

The last few days Anders Mortensen have been visiting #Stockholm to investigate our fit with the Swedish market and to start a dialogue with relevant stakeholders in Sweden.
With great support and facilitation from Danmarks Ambassade i Sverige through Rikke and Magnus and from Ministry of Foreign Affairs of DenmarkCaroline the program was fully packed 😊

It has been truly inspirational to talk with people and companies all highly ambitious on the sustainability agenda. It gives food for thought and faith in a greener future!
In ReMoni we share the ambitions for more #energyefficiency in our buildings and are happy to contribute to this journey of change.

Thanks for some great dialogue and interesting discussions to all participants.

Great savings on energy consumption through the winter

According to a recent article from KL, the municipalities’ initiatives to reduce energy consumption have led to significant savings this winter.


At ReMoni, we are proud to be part of this movement towards a more sustainable and lower energy consumption.


Our solution Predictive Heating Optimization has proven to provide 30% savings on average, which makes it an efficient and economically profitable solution for both companies and municipalities.

And then we even deliver the solution as both a ‘hands-on-the-hob’ and ‘turn key’ solution as standard.


In GROW, we today welcome the company ReMoni, Skanderborg,

As well as its actual work with building optimization and sustainability with, among other things, water and heat, also works with Social Sustainability. They have used the Social Sustainability Calculator to calculate the value of their employment of people from the edge of the labor market, and the result is great.

You can calculate your company’s contribution yourself by going to and finding the Social Sustainability Calculator. Then you can also document your efforts and motivate others. Did I mention that it is completely free, just as it is free to join and be part of GROW.