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Digitalisation of the water utility sector

Using intelligent solutions, the lifetime of our water infrastructure can be significantly increased.

At the same time we can reduce non-revenue water and energy consumption – all with a significant benefit to both finances and the global water resources.

The challenges in drinking water distribution and wastewater handling around the world has a number of challenges, including reducing very significant amounts of non-revenue water and a need for continuous optimisation and reduction in energy consumption.

We at ReMoni can help with these global challenges.

Using our patented technology and significant experience within gathering and utilising resource consumption data to optimise via digitalisation, we can contribute to a common solution ensuring an efficient water infrastructure, where both water and energy is utilised as efficiently as possible.

Our unique technology enables: 

  • Realtime measurements of flow and pressure throughout the water grid, thereby making continuous monitoring and optimisation possible. This ensures reduced non-revenue water and energy consumption as well as prolonged infrastructure lifetime.  
  • Leakage detection in the water grid between pumping stations and consumers. 
  • Pump monitoring to support continuous operation as well as maintenance and replacement strategy.
  • Data, both measurements and analysis, are easily integrated into existing systems.  
  • Measurements are carried out using our patented, battery-powered clamp-on sensors. By using this non-invasive method, we avoid cutting into the existing pipes and wires, and we do not require power supply.  
  • Due to the non-invasive method, measurement points are simple to install at low risk and cost.

The easy installation and ReMoni’s strong platform and business model, where data and analysis are delivered as a service, enables us to deliver very cost-efficient continuous measurements throughout the grid – without large initial investment cost.

Like the water sector itself, our technology is constantly being developed, and we are therefore actively seeking partnerships within digitalisation of the water sector, in order for us to develop common solutions together contributing to solving these challenges.

ReMoni differs by:

We have developed a completely new patented solution within flow measurement. Our intelligent flowmeters are battery-powered, clamp-on devices measuring from the outside of the pipes. To make sense of all the data, we utilise a cloud-based platform, making use of advanced algorithms.  


  • Non-invasive installation, so no need to cut into pipes  
  • Data is delivered as-a-service  
  • Our sensors run on batteries with a lifetime of 15 years  
  • You own the data and it can be integrated into existing solutions 

Flowmeters not seen before

Our non-invasive clamp-on IoT sensors are a true breakthrough and we have succeeded where others have failed before us.

Click the picture to read more (page 6 - in Danish) about our breakthrough invention supported by Innovation Fund Denmark.

Open API

Integration to existing systems are standard at ReMoni.

We believe that in order to gain the full advantages from digitalisation, data needs to be integrated into existing systems instead of living in yet another silo-solution.

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