Compressed air waste is a major cost in many manufacturing companies.

Here is a concrete example of how easy it is to find waste with ReMonis IoT sensors.

Troubleshooting and optimization is performed by Peter Bruun, AX Energi.


A compressor plant with 3 compressors and a refrigeration dryer, in a large production company.

What was mounted:

PowerMoniMain IoT sensor.


After a short time, you can see that one compressor is running constantly, with a consumption corresponding to € 4,900/year.

It was a time relay to control the relief time that was defective.

In the same compressor plant you could see that the fridge dryer stopped at the weekend even though the weekend team was at work. This caused moist air to enter the system, which was not wanted.

ReMoni has developed a user-friendly dashboard that, together with our IoT sensors, easily and quickly gives you the full overview of the compressed air waste in your company.

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