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With TempMoniDC you get a unique combination of 7 channels, 3 temperature and 4 analog signals (VDC), as well as the data is stored directly in the cloud.
With greater and greater demands for measurement data to be seen in real time and available in the cloud, TempMoniDC provides a unique opportunity to be able to follow and analyze operating patterns and wear.

Temperatur measuring

With the 3 temperature channels you can easily monitor e.g. inlet and return temperature of district heating, domestic water temperature, room temperature, ventilation system, etc.

The temperature probes can be purchased up to 10 meters and are easily mounted in a terminal block, which makes them easy to replace with other lengths or should they be damaged.
Estimated installation time: 2 minutes.

Analog VDC signal

The 4 analog signal channels allow to upgrade compatible analog sensors with wireless communication. This makes a replacement of an otherwise fully functional sensor superfluous. TempMoniDC receives signals at -24 to 24 VDC.
Estimated installation time: 2 minutes.

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