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All sensors are designed to last 15 years.

All ReMoni hardware has a two-year, limited worldwide warranty. This includes e.g. also the gateway.

You have the following options:

  1. You can measure with a ammeter on the cable where the sensor is connected, what the maximum effect (watts) is.
  2. If connected to an electric motor you can read on the label, what the maximum watt is.

Once you have found the maximum watt by using one of the two methods, you divide it with the highest number you find on the graph.

That way you will find your calibration constant.

PowerMoniSpot can measure on single-phase and homogeneous two/three-phase cables,

with current between 50 - 400 Volt and up to 600 Amps. Single-phase cables are widely used with residential buildings and homogenous two/three phase could e.g. be an electric motor in aproduction enviroment

Here is an example of what you can use:

PowerMoniSpot can’t be used for measuring inhomogeneous cables:

Removing large stand-by consumption can help you save both power and money.

Stand-by consumption can be estimated using power sensors on the parts of your installations you wish to monitor. If the power consumption stays high all day, there is probably a room for improvements.

PowerMoniSpot measures the current by means of a clamp on system. Thereby it is not directly connected to the wires.