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Go to: 

If you already have an account, enter your email and password.

To create an account click on: “Create new user & account”.  

Click on “Account settings” and then “User access” in the User profile


In the “User access” section, you can change the predefined roles and user settings.

You can e.g assign other users to "read only" access.

You can find it under the tab “view data”

Our ReCalc solution includes our self-learning alarm modules, to monitor your technical installations, in an easy way.

The alarm modules use artificial intelligence (AI) to generate alarms, warnings, and service and maintenance information, when needed –so you don’t have to do the work.

If you add your sensor in ReCalc and tap the icon "View Data" you can mouse over the graph to see which unit it measures. 

PowerMoniSpot can be calibrated to measure watt.

PowerMoniFlow and Heat are calibrated to measure temperature from the factory and no calibration is needed.

You have the following options:

    1. You can measure with a torque meter on the cable where the sensor is connected, what the maximum effect (watts) is.

    2. If connected to an electric motor you can read on the label, what the maximum watt is.

Once you have found the maximum watt by using one of the two methods, you divide it with the highest number you find on the graph.

That way you will find your calibration constant.

It is unfortunately not possible to change the unit type. If you have chosen the wrong unit type, follow these steps:






If you go to "Alarmgroups" you can choose between the different available alarms.

You can receive different alarms, depending on the type of sensor you are using and the unit you are surveilling.

First you have to add a new user under the "user section" and then select “account settings”

and then add a new user under “user access” by typing their e-mail.

Then you go to the settings icon and then add a user under “create alarmgroup” and press “save”.


Choose something that gets recognized easily, e.g. the location, name of building, customer name etc.

You can choose to receive alarms through notifications in ReCalc or by e-mail.

You can choose different levels of alarm severity to be received.

Go to the "Export data" section and choose between the different options and press “Export”.

“Base” is watt when PowerMoniSpot is calibrated. If your PowerMoniSpot is not calibrated, this field will be blank.