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Spot bad cooling of central heating

Monitor the cooling of hot water from each part of your heating installations, to identify where the water is not cooled sufficient, and money and heat are therefore wasted. 

Sensor used: HeatMoniSpot

Method: One or more sensors are mounted on the pipes in the heating installation, and the cooling is monitored for a period of time. If there are no problems, the sensors are easily moved to another part of the installation. 

Alarm setup: Is added automatically for hot water pipes, or can be added manually on other unit types. No other setup is needed.

Catch dysfunctional water heater

If your boiler waste a lot of energy, no one will complain as long as there is hot water in the tap, but your bill might blow up. Map the consumption profile of your water heater, to catch heaters that spend a lot of energy when there is no need for hot water. 

Sensors used: PowerMoniSpot, FlowMoniSpot, HeatMoniSpot or PowerMoniPro

Method: The sensor is mounted on the supply cable/pipe for the boiler. If the week/day profile of the consumption does not follow the need for hot water, there is a large waste of energy and money. 

Water supply surveillance

If your water hoses or pipes are broken, the pump will run all the time, and if our buffer tank is out of air, the pump will do many starts and stops. In such cases, you will save both repair costs and water, if you are notified on time.  

Sensors used: PowerMoniSpot 

Method: The sensor is simply clamped onto the power cable for the pump. 

Alarm setup: Is added automatically for water supply pumps, or can be added manually on other unit types. No other setup is needed.