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Lack Of Control

Lack of control can be expensive, causing damage to facilities, down-time in production, bad user comfort, overconsumption and loss of products and energy. With ReMoni, you can predict and prevent by using real-time data.

By combining clamp on IoT sensors and artificial intelligence, you'll get an exact overview of your energy consumption. It's easy. 


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The Supplier Issue

Trust is good, control is better – at least when it comes to resource monitoring. In the past, it has been difficult to control, whether the services or equipment you’ve bought is delivering as promised.

Numbers aren’t lying, but how do you get the numbers? It’s time to grab the steering wheel and reclaim control! 


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Bad comfort without clamp on

The negative consequences in the wake of an unhealthy indoor climate is commonly known, and discomfort in a working environment is an expensive and serious issue.

Beside the fact that ReMoni's solutions are cost-efficient and make monitoring technical installations easy, we assure a high comfort which is key in a workplace.

You can make sure that the indoor climate is healthy, by monitoring the ventilation and avoiding overheating by running surveillance on heating pipes.