Can you reduce your ventilation costs by 50 % without lowering the comfort?

If so, you are not alone. In relation to ventilation systems we find one of the costliest mistakes. This stresses the importance of checking up on the Energy Management System frequently after services and repairs of minor defects.

We do need ventilation

Recently a Danish municipal institution managed to reduce its ventilation costs by 40 % by simply checking up on the ventilation performance. The error was tracked back to a non-intended resetting of the EMS-system after a standard service. If you are responsible of one or more buildings, it is essential to have a sufficient overview.

ReMonis design process of the IoT-sensors has been based on this acknowledgement to provide exactly that: A data-based overview with customized data sampling available, as frequently as every five minutes.

”After a defect we have had service on the EMS-system – I got the feeling that something was not operating as it should.”

– Facility Manager in a Danish Municipality up on an energy reduction of 40 %

Ventilation in buildings prevents mold, whereas it is necessary, and ensures a healthy physical working environment.

The importance of ventilation is rarely on topic, but nevertheless it is an essential function inside our buildings. Overall, the ventilation system is contributing to maintain a good indoor climate with a high air quality by constantly venting in fresh air while venting out the CO2.

Do not compromise the comfort to achieve energy savings

Stay in control

In the cloud platform ReCalc you can log in to get an overview of  your buildings current and historical ventilation consumption. Access your consumption data in a detailed review and detect changes easily.

Thus, you can distinguish changes from the usual operation pattern and act on facts. Stay in control of your selected units and detect fluctuations when they appear with the sensor PowerMoniSpot clamped onto the cable with cable ties.

Utilize the customized data sampling to optimize your manufacturing.

Overview across units and buildings

If you are a Facility Manager or similar PowerMoniMain helps you gain overview across units and buildings. With the power sensor PowerMoniMain or PowerMoniSpot it does not become much easier:

You can find errors in the EMS-system on an on-going basis. Besides, you can localize units, that could easily operate on a lower level during for example nights and weekends, where the production activity is at its lowest.


AI and cloud technology combined in an innovative, user-friendly solution

ReCalc will let you know

Don’t worry if your building’s ventilation system is mismatching the settings of your EMS-system – ReCalc will let you know.

ReCalc provides you with a constantly updated data review and an always updated overview. Based on this, you can localize challenges and defects in an early. By managing them in time you avoid costly surprises.