Now it will be all about comfort – sustainable comfort.  


By establishing 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) the UN has set a strong global focus towards a more sustainable future.


The goals lasts until year 2030, but despite the limited time frame, they can be difficult to act upon. At ReMoni we have found 3 concrete ideas for you to minimize your environmental footprints without making compromises on comfort. To contribute you must neither sit at a cold office nor in a darker room. Instead, have a look at these 3 ideas for a more sustainable operation.

  • React on abnormal operation
    Goal #7

    Building manufacturing and waste reduction are complex fields of work. Do you have the complete overview of the operation costs for your buildings? The better your overview becomes, the easier you can react on abnormal operation. By implementing ReMonis PowerMoniMain
    you can monitor your energy consumption based on live data and view your data in our platform ReCalc or the Energy Management System, which you are currently using.

  • Gather your deliveries
    Goal #9

    Save resources and money with bundled deliveries. By knowing that all your office deliveries are being distributed on for example Tuesdays and Thursdays only, you will of course happen to wait for your order an extra day or two. But on the other hand, you will be contributing to a lower CO2 emission every single week, all year around than if your deliveries had kept being delivered on a daily basis – as it unfortunately happens for most companies.

    Taking climate action in such a concrete way provides you with the best conditions to boost your CSR image. Do not hesitate to inform your partners and customer how you are actively supporting a more sustainable consumption.

  • Let’s reuse
    Goal #11 & #12

    On a small scale you can buy packaging, labelling and wrapping made from reused materials. On a bigger scale furniture and electronics can be found second hand – also for B2B companies.

    When a company is closing, inventory such as desks and office chairs in very fine condition are put on sale for a reduced price. You can also find technical equipment such as keyboards and screens this way to save money and C02.

    If you are from a company with a green mindset do not forget to check out the options for a secondhand deal. Reuse to gain economical savings and help minimizing the global overproduction.

Minimize the C02 footprint and optimize your economy:
Reduce energy waste – bundle deliveries – reuse.

Sustainable energy optimization.

By performing energy optimization ReMoni is supporting the Sustainable Development Goals number 7, 9, 11 and 12 regarding production, clean energy and innovation.

Which SDG’s – Sustainable Development Goals – is your company supporting and not at least how?

ReMonis & UNs 17 Sustainable Development Goals:

7: Sustainable Energy

9: Industry, innovation and infrastructure

11: Sustainable cities and communities

12: Responsible consumption and production

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