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Resource Analytics
Analyse and report on valuable key figures

Data that delivers competitive advantage

In many companies, data about resource consumption, production volume and other data sources are spread over several independent systems.

It can be data from:

  • BMS (Building Management System),
  • SCADA or
  • Production management systems.

ReMoni Resource Analytics collects all this data in one system.

ReMoni Resource Analytics enables you to prepare, analyse and report on valuable key figures.

It can be overall resource consumption data all the way down to resource consumption per unit produced.

We pursue several challenges at once:

  1. Data that must be used to create an overview is often collected in several different systems.
  2. It is a very resource-intensive process to manually collate data into insightful key figures.
  3. It is expensive to establish supplementary data streams.

Consolidate resource data in one place

Automatic data collection means you get all your resource data collected in one place.

We make sure that the data you need is available when you need it.

The solution

Collection of existing data

We retrieve data from existing data sources. Typically it is from sources such as:

  • Energy suppliers.
  • BMS.
  • SCADA.
  • Production management systems.

Establishment of new data
Where there has been manual reading of consumption meters so far, we will establish automatic collection of data. The non-invasive clamp-on sensors from ReMoni make installation on the outside of your cables and pipes quick and easy.

Collection of data in dashboards
Based on the collected data, we create relevant dashboards that can be used directly for analysis of resource consumption and performance of the individual processes. So you don’t have to spend time making graphs and tables in Excel or the like.

Automated reporting

Reports are available when you need them.

Technical details

Unique IoT sensors

Our wireless clamp-on sensors eliminate new errors occurring during installation and make installing them much easier.

With the non-invasive IoT sensors, we can install sensors risk-free in your buildings. Easy, fast and within normal working hours without disturbing the users of the buildings.

Artificial Intelligence

We use artificial intelligence to process data. ReMoni has experience in collecting data from a wide range of sources and formats.
For example:

- Emails

The advanced mathematics (AI), which has been developed in collaboration with the University of Southern Denmark, Aarhus University and Aalborg University, makes it possible to build much simpler and more robust solutions than you otherwise see on the market.

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