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Technical partners play a central role for ReSave

This article holds information for the technical partners and serves as an extension of the ReSave-article for the customer. As technical partner you play a central role for ReSave, and when ReSave starts up ReMoni will train you carefully. In short, ReSave will localize the building’s technical installations with a potential for improvement – the improvement will be achieved as you implement the respective initiatives.

ReSave stands out by its unique clamp-on sensors. They free you from most installation expenses and eliminate new errors from occurring during the installation. This enables continuously monitoring with many more measurement points than earlier available.

As technical partner you should rather see ReSave as a collaboration partner than a competitor. ReSave is a tool, so we need collaboration partners to implement ReSave and the resource saving initiatives on an on-going basis. The IoT-based ReSave solution is an invitation to collaborate with both users and technical partners.

Technical partners can benefit from ReSave

We deliver the technical solution and the concept and we are open to deliver both training and support. If you wish, we can also deliver information material and assist you on offer calculation. Besides, ReSave gives you the following benefits:

  • It provides upsell.
  • It creates a basis to apply for energy subsidies for the employees – based on facts.
  • It gives continuously contact with the users and customers.
  • You can use the tasks to equalize your employees amount of work on quiet days.
  • ReSave gives you access to new customers.

Figure 1: As the illustration shows, ReSave is provided by ReMoni as technology supplier and targets two groups: The technical partner who installs, follows up and advises and the end-customer with the final budget.

ReSave’s unique IoT-sensors minimize waste

The end customer gets the Basic Package including equipment and installation at selected locations in the buildings. ReSave enables the end customer to achieve a healthier indoor climate, heat pump control and Legionella prevention etc. via additional initiatives.

In all ReSave-agreements ReMoni will install the equipment, that will monitor the building’s performance three years ahead. We happily do the installation in collaboration with your technical partners, who from here will be responsible for implementing the initiatives. All initiatives are agreed on and noticed in an ISO 50001-initiative report for a transparent and well-documented agreement.


Useful links

You can find more information about ReSave and the conditions here or contact us to hear more.
Click here to download the (Danish) ReSave information for the technical partner.