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Optimize your production
risk-free and green

Typical challenges in production companies

  1. Breakdowns of the production facilities are very expensive, and they are difficult to prevent.
  2. The production capacity is not always used optimally.
  3. OEE – Overall Equipment Effectiveness is a broad area. Start collecting data, then you are already at work.
  4. If the machines run incorrect, they wear out prematurely.
  5. The energy is often not used optimally and thus the CO2 emission is greater than it should be.
  6. As the person responsible for the production, it is difficult to keep an overall overview in a busy workday.

ReMoni can help solve the above points. With easy and risk-free hardware installation and 24/7 cloud access.

”To us it is essential that we can avoid break downs – they are EUR 6,500 per hour”

– CEO from an energy heavy company


ReSave in a glance

ReSave is risk-free optimization of your existing machines and technical installations so that they will run as they were intended.

The process:

  • We install the non-invasive, wireless sensors on the outside of cables, pipes, etc., so that there is no risk of consequential damage.
  • We continuously monitor the operation of machines and installations centrally.
  • When challenges arise, we contact you to get them remedied with concrete measures before it leads to breakdowns, losses, or waste.
  • The measures are reported in short reports, so you have documentation for the value of ReSave.

Guarantee: If the value of the documented measures does not exceed the price of the ReSave service, you will receive a decrease in billing.

“It has raised productivity significantly that we now know exactly when the machines are at a standstill. In addition, we save money on extending the service intervals, because we now know when they need service”

– Production manager in a medium-sized company

ReSave differentiates itself

ReSave is different by its unique wireless clamp-on sensors and artificial intelligence with remote monitoring.


  • Low installation costs.
  • Eliminates that new errors occurs during installation.
  • Continuous monitoring with far more measurement points than previously available.
  • The responsibility for running the entire monitoring lies in practice with ReMoni.
  • You retain control, as we only tell you specifically when there are challenges, but do not change your machines and technical installations.
  • Financially, ReSave differentiates itself with the guaranteed value of the solution exceeding the total ReSave cost (hardware, installation, and monitoring).

It’s your data: You naturally own the data, and the solution has the option of free integration into other systems.
You have the freedom to take over parts of the ReSave deliverables if you wish and have the employees to do so.

”It’s a good feeling to know that ReMoni is monitoring whether our machines are running optimally, so that they do not wear out too quickly”

– Director in a production company


Examples of benefits of ReSave

  • Fewer breakdowns through predictive maintenance.
  • Efficiency of energy, compressed air, etc.
  • Higher productivity and efficiency.
  • Reduced CO2 load.
  • Reporting to stakeholders and an overview across facilities through online dashboards.

Upcoming features:

  • OEE – Overall Equipment Effectiveness.
  • Forecast whether production can keep up with the order flow.
  • Monitoring of profitability.
  • Monitoring performance of machines.
  • Documentation of high operational stability and reliability of delivery to customers.