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Building optimisation with guarantee

Risk free optimisation of your buildings

Get optimisation of your buildings with a guarantee of profit. You get monitoring service and documented full repayment after a maximum of 3 years. The measures are, for example:

  • Energy savings: Documented for each specific measure.
  • Measurement of indoor climate, ventilation, and heating continuously, documenting that user comfort is top notch.
  • Monitoring of the technical installations, such as district heating and ventilation, so that errors are caught in time.
  • Leaks and seepage damage are detected in time.
  • Monitoring that the Legionella risk in the hot water installation is under control.
  • Identification of profitable updates of the technical installations.

We typically save 25% of the energy

We typically save 25% of the energy and at the same time the users gets better health, comfort and productivity. The building simply becomes better to stay in.

Concrete advantages of ReSave

ReSave stands out by its unique clamp-on sensors. It removes most of the installation costs and eliminates new errors occurring during installation. It enables continuous monitoring with far more measurement points than was previously available.

  • No hidden costs: Installation, follow-up, access to API for easy integration, etc. is included in the price when we do the monitoring of the entire building.
  • Documentation for concrete results.
  • We do not change the functions of the building – we simply correct the errors so that the building operates as intended.
  • Guaranteed price roof.
  • Save on expensive technician salaries.
  • Avoid consequential damage: Our patented sensors are installed by being clamped-on to the outside of the existing installation pipes or cables.
  • Avoid administrative work: We provide the documentation for each initiative.
  • Surplus on energy efficiency: We guarantee to find savings corresponding to the ReSave purchase price in a maximum of 3 years.

Guaranteed optimisation

We guarantee that, at the latest, when the ReSave measures have been running for three years, we have found optimization and savings measures corresponding to the price you have paid for ReSave. The concrete savings are of course dependent on the measures being implemented.

The details:

Conditions: ReSave is an alternative to buying or renting the ReMoni technology, where we deliver the complete system and are responsible for the operation on-site. This means that our technicians must have access to the building and that there must be a larger overall agreement so that the technicians can have an efficient workflow.

Responsibility: We install and operate the monitoring, find savings and optimisations, and correct the small technical errors. All actual changes to the technical installations are made by your in-house technicians. In this way, we do not add risk and do not stand in the way of your other measures, but it also means that it is your responsibility to implement the ReSave measures.

Cooperation: We are very happy to cooperate with your technicians, internal and external, so that they are responsible for installation, operations, and reporting – but we would like to be allowed to train them.

Economy: The agreement is based on the basic package, where we save energy. Additional monitoring of e.g. indoor climate, Legionella and leakage can be purchased.

The price is determined based on each building’s category and size, as well as how many areas are monitored. This means that you know the price before you start, and that we, as a supplier, take the risk of all measures that do not have an effect.

Duration: After the first year with high costs for equipment, installation and analysis, there is a one-year grace period. Naturally, we cannot document savings when our technicians no longer monitor the building. Your own technicians, on the other hand, can do this using the installed equipment and with access to ReMoni’s cloud-based reports.