In 2021, Remoni got ready to go into operation, and this was to be done, among other things, by establishing production in Romania, where they have settled in the eastern city of Iași.

They have come a long way with that now, says CEO Bo Eskerod Madsen.

It is both on the staff and equipment side that there have been some challenges, but things are going in the right direction.

– We have found the core employees to build the production lines in Romania, but it takes time to find the right people and buy in for the production lines, because there are different procedures and tenders that must be followed, says Bo Eskerod Madsen.

Amazon in the same city

A year and a half ago, it was imagined that it would be relatively straightforward to hire employees in Romania.

It has been both a right and a wrong assumption.

– In some areas it has been easier to get people, for example for the production department.

But a large international giant in the form of the webshop Amazon has made it difficult to attract IT people.

– It is more difficult to find the right people for software development, because Amazon has a development department in the same city, so they need a lot of people, says Bo Eskerod Madsen, who however explains that there is a university in Iași, why after all there are some candidates to choose from.

Bo Eskerod Madsen says that ReMoni’s production lines in Romania are finally finished and ready for use at the end of 2023.