The first part of the pilot project has been launched with a focus on value-creating power disaggregation at the construction site.

ReMoni and the construction company Gråkjær are engaged in an innovative pilot project at the construction site Punkthusene in Holstebro, focusing on automated disaggregation of electricity consumption. The power disaggregation can be used for multiple purposes, including ESG reporting.

The goals are:

Increased sustainability: To reduce CO2 emissions and energy consumption at the construction site.

Efficiency: Automating data collection and reporting to improve workflows.

Benchmarking: Comparing different construction sites and identifying areas for improvement.

Scalability: Developing a solution that can be implemented throughout the construction industry.

Both ReMoni and Gråkjær are excited about the potential of this project and look forward to sharing the results with the industry! hashtag#bæredygtigbyggeri hashtag#ESG hashtag#energioptimering hashtag#ReMoni hashtag#byggebranchen

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