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Active CO2 and energy reduction in buildings

0 % reduction

Active energy reduction

0 % Risk-free​

Self-financing solution

+ 0 tons of CO2

Continuous CO2 reduction

The climate impact is documented

On average our solution delivers 30% reduction in consumption ranging from 16,5% to 36% fully documented.

Active initiative without investment

A cut of the documented savings finance the solution. Spend your time and resources on more sustainability action.  

Clamp-on intelligence is the secret

Our patented solution with clamp-on sensors makes the difference resulting in significant reduction.

Obvious sustainability initiative

The solution aligns with ESG legislation, DK2020 requirements or other sustainability agendas. 

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Whether your goal is to reduce energy consumption, limit your CO2 footprint or get a more attractive workplace Predictive Heat Optimization is the solution. 

We ensure energy savings and CO2 reduction with financial surplus using our clamp-on intelligence and automated heat optimization and control.

On average 30% reduction in energy consumption and all the CO2 emission related to it

– without compromising the indoor climate. 

Automated and uncompromising CO2 and energy reduction without investment

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  • Unique intelligent heating control
  • No technical or financial risk
  • We are willing to cover the entire cost
  • The achieved savings are measured concretely and transparently
  • Our cases show 16,5% to 36% in reduction of energy and CO2 – an average of 30%
  • Active initiative to reduce CO2 emission
  • Obvious action as part of DK2020, ESG-reporting or other sustainability initiatives

Sustainability initiative with
financial surplus

The solution can be self-financing through a risk-free model where we share the savings our optimization delivers. Other financial models can be agreed. The resources are freed up from the current operational budget hence there is no need for finding new investments. We estimate the savings upfront and invoice it monthly.

Yearly we settle the difference. There are no capital investments or start-up cost, so it also works great for tenants. All related cost for the optimization is included e.g., installation, equipment, and operation.

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Predictive Heat Optimization - Overview and dashboard

Full transparency and a simple overview

The achieved savings are measured concretely.

We deactivate our optimization every 10th day to get a specific and continuous baseline of the consumption with and without the optimization. This also results in us only factoring in our concrete savings, and not other initiatives you implement.  We compare the data with your meter and billing data to ensure full transparency.

Since we measure, document and deliver the energy reduction simoultanously, the solution is therefore not ESCO. 

Green: The ReMoni Predictive Heating Optimisation is running.

Red: The ReMoni Predictive Heating Optimisation is NOT running (Baseline-days).

The measured saving is the average of the Baseline-days (red columns) minus the average of the optimization days (green columns).

Artificial intelligence that improves over time

Predictive heat optimization is different from traditional solutions.

Our artificial intelligence gets to know the individual building over time.

After installation the algorithm starts to obtain knowledge about the building such as thermal characteristics and when there are people in the building.

Weather forecasts and weather data on the specific location are included in the algorithms, which combined with models of occupancy and the thermal characteristics of the building results in windows for optimization.

Clamp-on intelligence

The secret is clamp-on intelligence which ensures savings in a turnkey solution with artificial intelligence, innovative clamp-on sensors and control hardware. 

Full overview and seamless, open integration with other systems is a part of the solution. Data can easily be used ESG reporting, portfolio tools and similar.

  • Safety and stability:

    • The data connections are encrypted.
    • The cloud solution meets the latest IoT standards and is hosted by Microsoft Azure in Europe.
    • Sensors and gateways can be managed and updated from the cloud, so security updates and new software can be rolled out automatically.
  • Performance:
    • We use non-invasive clamp-on to avoid damaging anything in the installation.
    • We can measure continuously down to every second.
    • The sensors last 15 years and are made for recycling.
    • We can put new features on all hardware wirelessly and without user involvement (OTA).

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