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Predictive Heat Optimisation:
We Ensure Financial Profit on Climate Action

We have helped our business partners with major savings and their climate efforts

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Average heating reduction


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Big energy savings without investment – and without risk.


Average income per building
per year - net!

As the funds come from the energy costs, they are released from the existing budget for the buildings’ operation.
Risk-free energy optimization with proven profits:
Unlike the market, we are willing to take the full costs and risks.

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The problem: Climate and energy must be turned into good economics

We go after several challenges at once:

  1. High energy prices that takes money from other areas.
  2. The climate impact from energy consumption in our buildings.
  3. The risk in typical energy saving projects with large investments and lack of documentation of the concrete energy saving. 

The solution: We create climate and energy savings with guaranteed profit

We have a brand new technology that can lower the energy consumption for heating in your buildings:

  • Intelligent heating management that no one else can deliver: The system uses artificial intelligence and clever clamp-on sensors to foresee the future need for heat in the building, and controls accordingly. That is, we change the control in advance instead of afterwards. This allows you to significantly reduce the energy consumption in your buildings.

  • No risk: Our solutions and technology can be mounted outside the existing installations and uses powerful artificial intelligence.

  • We are willing to take the full cost and risk: Unlike others, we are willing to take the entire cost and risk of delivering the concrete documented energy savings to you, so that it gives a guaranteed profit.

  • The savings achieved are measured concretely: To ensure that the savings are created by the model, we switch off the optimisation every 10 days, so that we have a very concrete measurement of the savings between the days when the model is running and the days when it’s turned off.
  • Economy:
    • For a typical municipality, this means approx. EUR 335,000 net, in savings per year.
    • Since the funds come from energy costs, they are freed from the existing budget for the buildings’ operation.

The economy makes a profit

Model 1 – Risk-free energy efficiency services:
We are willing to take the full cost and risk of our predictive heating optimization service. The building user achieves a net 25% of the actual measured savings, so there is a financial surplus for the user. 

  • ReMoni’s part of the savings are paid monthly – and calculated and settled yearly.
  • The savings split can be increased against a prolonged minimum subscription period or payment of a one-time start fee
  • As the payment to ReMoni is a part of the saved energy, it is already included in the existing building operational budget  

Model 2 – Subscription service:
The Predictive Heating Optimization service can also be procured as a subscription-based service, where all savings will accrue to you directly.

Free your employees for other work

Our central optimisation center oversees the automatic predictive optimisation.

After this, we continue intelligently to get to know your buildings, benefitting both the wallet and the climate.

This means that you do not have to adjust anything yourself.

We do that completely automatically for you.

Agreement: We are willing to take the risk

We absorb all cost of ReMoni equipment, installation, software, operation, risk of changing energy prices, and risk of investment.

Continuous updates and equipment are part of the package so there will not be additional operational cost.

Minimum subscription period is three years, afterwards one year’s notice. If you need to vacate the buildings within the commitment period, the new tenant can take over the service.

It is a partnership with the existing specialists in the building, where we in a joint effort ensures high comfort and low energy costs. If the building technology is functioning properly and delivers good user-comfort, it is possible for us to achieve large savings.

If the heating system in the building are not functioning properly, it is often necessary to repair it prior to being able to optimize the building. This can be done by your own specialists, or, if they lack time, we can use our partners, and the surplus from the optimization service can help pay for the repairs.

For the Risk-free model:

  • Agreement size: As buildings vary significantly, we need to optimize a large and representative part of your building portfolio. Min. 2000m2 in total and min. 1000m2 per building.
  • Monthly payment: 75% of the expected annual saving is paid to ReMoni on a monthly basis. The actual savings are calculated and settled after the first 12 months of operation, and the difference to the account payment is settled with a correction invoice. The monthly fee in year 2 is based on the actual savings in year 1.

Artificial intelligence that learns over time

Predictive heat optimisation is different from traditional solutions.

Our artificial intelligence gets to know the individual building over time.

Immediately after installation, our central optimisation center sets about adjusting the buildings according to the specific needs.

Geographical location, opening hours and weather data are included in the algorithms, so you can save as much as possible.


Technical details

ReSave meets the technical specifications for high-class solutions, and more:

  • The energy savings are measured concretely using our clamp-on heating energy meter FlowMoniEnergy. This is calibrated against the existing billing meter, regardless of which energy source it uses, so that the energy savings can be measured. To ensure that the savings are created by the Predictive Heat Optimization, we switch off the optimization every 10 days, so that we have a very concrete measurement of the savings between the days when the model runs and the days when it’s turned off. To increase the energy saving, it is only switched off every 20 days from the second year, as we here  only must validate the saving part.

  • Safety and stability:
    • The data connections are encrypted.
    • The cloud solution meets the latest IoT standards and is hosted by Microsoft Azure.
    • Sensors and gateways can be managed and updated from the cloud, so security updates and new software can be rolled out automatically.

  • Performance:
    • We use non-invasive clamp-on to avoid damaging anything in the installation.
    • We can measure continuously at the second level.
    • The sensors have a battery life of 15 years, and they are designed to be recycled.
    • We can upload new functions on all hardware wirelessly and without the user having to be involved (OTA).

The ReMoni technology is different

The ReMoni technology differs from all others on the market in several ways:

  • The unique wireless clamp-on sensors eliminate new errors occurring during installation and make it much more cost efficient to install them.

  • The heating optimization uses artificial intelligence to learn the building’s thermal properties, when the building is typically used, and naturally takes the weather forecast into account.

  • The advanced mathematics (AI), which has been developed in collaboration with the University of Southern Denmark, Aarhus University and Aalborg University, makes it possible to build much simpler and more robust solutions.

The ReMoni solutions are the result of more than EUR 9,5 million in investments, are protected by a large number of patents, and we are the only ones in the world who can deliver this solution.

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