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We help you use data to optimize your business

Getting real knowledge and value out of data can be a large and unmanageable task

Data as such is often worthless and difficult to understand.
Today, large amounts of data are available: Something that must be dealt with as a modern production company.

At ReMoni, we have specialized in creating coherence between large amounts of data from many data sources.
We collect data in our platform and with dashboards we ensure the insight into data that your company needs.
These can be insights such as:

  • EnPi – Insight into consumed kWh per unit produced.
  • OEE – Insight into machine uptime and identification of bottlenecks.
  • Energy management – Continuous insight into the development of energy consumption.

Gather your resource data and create an overview of your key figures.

In Resource Analytics, customized dashboards are created that give access to the insights you need, without having to obtain data from many sources and departments.

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The shortcut to successful energy management:

A large part of the work of writing the report for the annual energy review and audit consists, according to experience, of collecting and processing data from different systems, departments, and areas.

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Get an overview of machine uptime and thus the opportunity to identify inefficiencies and bottlenecks.

ReMoni has several cases where, among other things, we monitor a packaging line and have identified where in the process bottlenecks occur.

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ReMoni differentiates itself

We differentiate ourselves with our unique wireless clamp-on sensors and artificial intelligence with remote monitoring.


  • Continuous monitoring with far more measurement points than was previously possible.

  • ReMoni runs the entire monitoring in our monitoring center.

  • Lower installation costs.

  • Eliminates new errors occurring during installation.

  • You retain control, as we only tell you specifically when there are challenges, but do not change your machines and technical installations.

It’s your data: You naturally own the data, and the solution has easy integration into your existing systems.

You are in the driver’s seat: Since the monitoring takes place with risk-free clamp-on sensors, and we simply tell you when we can see upcoming problems, you can decide for yourself what should happen in practice in your production.

Unique IoT sensors

Our wireless clamp-on sensors eliminate new errors occurring during installation and make installing them much easier.
With the non-invasive IoT sensors, we can install sensors risk-free in your buildings. Easy, fast and within normal working hours without disturbing the users of the buildings.

Artificial Intelligence

We use artificial intelligence to learn the building's thermal properties, when the building is typically used - and of course takes the weather forecast into account.

The advanced mathematics (AI), which has been developed in collaboration with the University of Southern Denmark, Aarhus University and Aalborg University, makes it possible to build much simpler and more robust solutions than you otherwise see on the market.

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