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Building optimization with guarantee​

Risk free optimization of your buildings

Get risk free optimization of your buildings, where we deliver the monitoring and you get documentation for a full pay-back of the amount you pay us for ReSave after maximum 3 years. For example the initiatives are:

  • Energy savings: Documented for each concrete initiative.
  • Metering of indoor climate, ventilation and continuously heating/cooling ensuring and documenting a user comfort in top.
  • Monitoring of technical installations such as district heating and ventilation to detect errors in time.
  • Leakage and consequential damages detected in time.
  • Monitoring the hot water installation to prevent the risk of Legionella.
  • Identification of the high potential initiatives for resource optimization on the technical installations.

Typically we save 25% of the energy

Typically, we save 25% of the energy and at the same time the users gain better health, comfort and productivity. It simply becomes healthier to stay in the building.

Typically we save 25% of the energy

Typically, we save 25% of the energy and at the same time the users gain better health, comfort and productivity. It simply becomes healthier to stay in the building.

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Concrete benefits with ReSave:

ReSave stands out by its unique clamp-on sensors. The solution free you from most installation expenses and eliminate, that new errors occur during the installation. This enables continuous monitoring with many more measurement points, than earlier available. Some concrete benefits of ReSave are:

  • No hidden expenses: Installation, follow up, access to API for easy integration, etc. is included in the price when we run the monitoring of the entire building.
  • Documentation for concrete results.
  • We do not change the functions of the building – we only fix the errors so the building operates as intended.
  • Guaranteed price roof.
  • Save money on expensive technician salaries.
  • Avoid consequential damage: Our patented sensors are installed by being clamped-on to the outside of the existing installations pipes or cables.
  • Avoid the administration: We deliver documentation for each single initiative.
  • Improved energy efficiency: We ensure you that we after maximum 3 years have found economical savings equal to the price that you pay ReMoni for ReSave.

A guarantee for optimization

We guarantee that we, at the latest after three years with the ReSave initiatives running, have found optimization and economical savings equal to the amount of money you have paid ReMoni for ReSave. Obtaining the concrete savings is naturally conditioned by the fact that the initiatives are performed.

The details:

Conditions: ReSave is an alternative to buy or rent the ReMoni-technology where we deliver the complete system and are responsible for the operation on-site. This means that ReMoni’s Technicians will need access to the building and that a general agreement is required, so that the Technicians can work effectively.

Responsibility: We install and operate the monitoring, find savings and optimizations and adjust the small errors in the technic. All significant adjustments to the technical installations are done by your in-house Technicians. Hence, we do not add risk or stand in the way for your general operation, but it also makes implementing the ReSave initiatives your responsibility.

Collaboration: We are happy to collaborate with your Technicians, internal as external, so they can manage installation, operation and documentation – but we would like to educate them.

Economy: The agreement foundation is the Basic Package, where vi save energy. Additional monitoring of indoor climate, Legionella, leakage, etc. can be purchased. The price is calculated based on the category and size of each building and how many areas will be monitored. That means, that you will know the price before you get started and that ReMoni as the technology supplier takes the risk for all initiatives that do not have an effect.

Duration: After the first year with high expenses for equipment, installation and analysis, ReSave can be stopped with a one-year notice. Naturally, we will not be able to document savings when our Technicians don’t monitor the building any longer. Instead, that can be done by your Technicians based on insights from the installed equipment and the on-going access to ReMoni’s cloud-based reports.