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ReMoni’s solutions consist of sensor and meter products, a gateway and a cloud platform where you access your data and set up alarms. The sensors are either clamped non-invasively on the outside of existing cables and pipes or connected to the switch board with CT-clamps. ReMoni’s products reduce energy waste by measuring power, heating/cooling or water.

How does it work?

In short, the sensors contain a data-logger that sends data wirelessly to the cloud platform ReCalc through ReMoni’s gateway

ReCalc run self-learning alarms, data storage, user interfaces and an API for integration with other solutions. All ReMoni’s products are built to be long-lasting and for avoidance of battery replacement.

All our products are tested individually before being shipped from the factory and have been designed, developed and produced in Denmark.

ReMoni solution

The sensor families

Be seduced by the smooth and robust 30x27x154 mm clamp-on spot sensors: 


Light consumption


Heating cooling ventilation



PowerMoni are our patented wireless sensors for monitoring power consumption from the outside of existing cables and in switchboards. There is two types of sensors in the PowerMoni group that covers the different use cases:

  • PowerMoniSpot is very easy to install onto the outside of multiconductor cables. It is used for surveillance purposes and can be calibrated to show the actual power consumption.

  • PowerMoniMain is a precise power sensor for switchboards. It is clamped on existing wires in the switchboards and used as a submeter. PowerMoniMain is in Beta Test.


HeatMoni sensors measure temperature. 

  • HeatMoniSpot is an indicative heat sensor for surveillance and alarms. By using HeatMoniSpot you can identify if the cooling is too low resulting in transmission losses. In addition you can prevent the dangerous Legionella bacteria by ensuring a sufficiently warm water temperature in your pipes.

    Monitor the supply and return temperatures of your cooling and heating pipes to reduce resource waste.



FlowMoni are our non-invasive clamp-on flow sensors for measurement of fluids in pipes.

  • FlowMoniVolume is a precise volumetric flow sensor, used as a main meter or submeter which can be clamped on the outside of pipes and calibrated to give the volumetric flow.

  • FlowMoniEnergy is a wireless ultrasonic flow sensor which can be calibrated for an actual volumetric flow of water carried heat.

The FlowMoni series is under development. Read more about what is coming here.


Other products

Our gateway solutions are described on the page Gateway. Find more information about alarm modules, user interfaces (UI), API, etc. at our ReCalc page.


Your benefits

ReMoni’s solutions stand out from other solutions on the market with it’s various benefits. Besides the sensors many measurement points and high measurement frequency you get: 

Easy installation

Power sensor

Wireless clamp-on sensors ensure a quick and painless installation without interrupting the usual business.

End to end data-chain

ReMoni solution

Coherent end-to-end data-chain to ensure the system is robust and easy to set up.

Easy setup

easy connection

A simple and user-friendly web application helps you map out your installation without the need for an expert.


Solution to your technical problem

Integration with other systems made easy by using our cloud Rest API.