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- Our easy clamp-on power sensor for surveillance and alarm purpose

PowerMoniSpot is mounted on the outside of normal double insulated power cables for your units/devices, to start monitoring. It's much easier to install than other sensors on the market, because it is simply mounted directly onto the existing cables. No other meters in the market can be used in that way.

Installation guides and manuals for PowerMoniSpot

PowerMoniSpot can be used as it is for surveillance purpose or calibrated for the actual power consumption of single phase cables. 

As soon as we're done testing, it will be possible to calibrate a three phase cable.


Levels of calibration

PowerMoniSpot can be calibrated on 4 different levels

This is the default level, when PowerMoniSpot is delivered. It will measure and display the profile of load, but it will not display kW or A.

(Footnote: Does not measure in SI units).

Accuracy 1% or better.

Calibrate the PowerMoniSpot manually, using a clamp-on Ammeter. In ReCalc, set the "Calibration type" to "Current" and set the "Calibration constant", based on ReCalc’s default level vs. the manual measured data.

This level supports balanced loads only.

Self-calibrated to indicate ampere with low precision (Accuracy 2% or better.) 
Set PowerMoniSpot's "Calibration type" in ReCalc to "Current" and the "Calibration factor" to "1".

No other actions are needed.

Submeter -  Load profile of current, manually calibrated with PowerMoniMain to high precision ampere 

(Accuracy 1% or better) 

Calibrate the PowerMoniSpot manually, using PowerMoniMain. ReCalc will automatically set the ‘Calibration constant’.

This level supports balanced, as well as imbalanced loads. 

(This level is not yet available)

Manually calibrated and optimized by PowerMoniMain 

(Accuracy better than 1%.)

When PowerMoniSpot is calibrated manually with PowerMoniMain and a PowerMoniMain is installed permanently in front of one or more PowerMoniSpot sensors e.g. in the main switch board, PowerMoniSpot will monitor current, power, voltage and power factor, with an accuracy better than 1%.

This level supports balanced, as well as imbalanced loads.


For measurement, data and communication specifications, go to datasheets and installation guides in the download section under support.