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– Our CT based power sensor for mounting inside switch boxes.

PowerMoniMain is clamped into existing wires in the switch-box by CT-clamps and wires, to enable precise measurements of current, voltage and power. It is used as main or sub-meter, for measuring on both one, two, and three phases.

PowerMoniMain differs from other power sensors in the market, by combining sensor, data-logger and wireless connection in one package. If you are managing buildings, PowerMoniMain can help you gain insight and save money. For instance, the improved consumption insights can reveal programming errors leading to a ventilation running 24/7 or a raised energy consumption in your production due to wear or clogged pumps.

You can also get an insight inyour current power consumption used for lightening in your different buildings.

Find our webinar introducing PowerMoniMain here (Danish) and our installation guide here (English).

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