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PowerMoni are our patented wireless power sensors, that enable easy installation on existing cables and in switchboards, by simple clamp on.

There are two types of sensors in the PowerMoni group, to cover the different use cases:

  • PowerMoniSpot is very easy to install onto the outside of normal double insulated cables. It's used for surveillance purpose, and can be calibrated to give a good indication of the actual power consumption.
  • PowerMoniPro is a precise power sensor for switchboards. It is clamped on existing wires in the switchboards, and is used as submeter.


- Our easy clamp-on power sensor for surveillance and alarm purpose.

PowerMoniSpot is mounted on the outside of the normal double insulated power cables for your critical  units/devices, to start monitoring. It's much easier to install than all other sensors on the market, because it is simply mounted directly onto the existing cables. No other meters in the market can be used in that way.

It can be used as it is for surveillance purpose, or calibrated to give a good indication of the actual power consumption for single phase cables. 

As soon as we're done testing, it will be possible to calibrate a three phase cable.


Installation guides and manuals for PowerMoniSpot



Levels of calibration

PowerMoniSpot can be calibrated on 4 different levels

Load profile - if uncalibrated.

(Footnote: Does not measure in SI units).

Calibrated load profile - manually calibrated to indicate watt/ampere with good precision

Calibrated load profile - Self-calibrated to indicate ampere with low precision

Submeter -  Calibrated with PowerMoniCT to high precision ampere

Submeter - Calibrated with PowerMoniCT plus a PowerMoniCT in the central switch board, to high precision ampere, power, voltage, etc.

  • Cable mounting: Multi-core power cables, 50/60 Hz (± 5%), 115-400 V AC. 
  • Installation: Clamp-on outside the cable's double insulation.
  • Typical installation time: 1 minute.
  • Measurement level: Single device.
  • Repeatability accuracy: ~2 %
  • Current measurement accuracy: ~5% when calibrated.
  • Calibration: On-site calibration if precise measurements is required.
  • Device types: for two-wire consumers, or homogeneous three/four wire consumers.
  • Clearance: minimum distance to other cables: 0,1 m, and more if it is a heavy load cable.
  • Battery type: 1 x 3.6 V 2.5 Ah AA Li-Me battery.
  • Battery lifetime: ~15 years.
  • Data-logger: PowerMoniSpot has a data logger and wireless radio built in.
  • Wireless communication: Please see below Data-Chain
  • Standard parameters:
    • Sampling rate: Down to each second (1 Hz). Can be adjusted from ReCalc.
    • Transmission rate: Down to each minute. Can be adjusted from ReCalc.

PowerMoniPro (coming later)

- Our CT based power sensor for mounting inside switch boxes.

PowerMoniPro is clamped into existing wires in the switch-box by CT-clamps and wires, to enable precise measurements of current, voltage and power. It is used as main or sub-meter, for measuring on both one, two, and three phases.

PowerMoniPro differs from other power sensors in the market, by combining sensor, data-logger and wireless connection in one package.

PowerMoniPro will be launched later on.



Datasheets and installationguides can be found in the download section under support.