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HeatMoni consists of two sensors, HeatMoniSpot and HeatMoniPro.

HeatMoni is our patented non-invasive heat flow sensor. Its main usage is for monitoring central heating pipes, where you have a warm ingoing temperature and a cooler outgoing temperature from the building.

The sensor is clamped on the outside of pipes of various pipe dimensions.  

  • HeatMoniSpot is an indicative heat sensor, used for surveillance and alarms.
  • HeatMoniPro is a precise volumetric heat flow sensor, used as a submeter which can be clamped on the outside of the pipes.

Please note, that HeatMoniSpot cannot measure actual flow.



HeatMoniSpot is an indicative heat flow sensor, used for surveillance and alarms. It is simply mounted on the outside of the pipe you wish to monitor using four cable ties. The built-in data-logger and wireless radio makes it very easy to install and setup for online monitoring. 

Installation guides and datasheets for HeatMoniSpot


  • Installation: Clamped-on outside pipes.
  • Pipe types: Metal, plastic (different materials).
  • Pipe sizes: HeatMoni Spot work independent of the pipe dimension. 
  • Typical installation time: 3 minutes.
  • Measurement level: Down to single device.
  • Measuring value: Pipe temperature and indication of heat flow.
  • Data-logger: HeatMoniSpot has a data logger and wireless radio built in.
  • Wireless communication: Please see below Data-chain
  • Standard parameters:
    • Sampling rate: Each second (1 Hz). Can be adjusted from ReCalc.
    • Transmission rate: Each 15 minutes. Can be adjusted from ReCalc.

HeatMoniPro (coming later)

HeatMoniPro is a wireless ultrasonic flow sensor which can be calibrated for actual volume metric flow of water carried heat.

  • Installation: Clamp-on outside pipes.
  • Pipe: Metal (e.g. stainless steel, galvanized steel) and plastic (e.g. PVC, PE, PEX, PP).
  • Measurement: Volumetric measurement in pipes with water and other fluids.
  • Measuring method: Piezoelectric ultrasonic.
  • Data transmission: HeatMoniPro has a data logger and wireless radio built in.
  • Wireless communication: Please see below Data-chain