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The Sensor Families

PowerMoni, FlowMoni and HeatMoni



PowerMoni are our patented wireless sensors to monitor your power on existing cables and in switchboards, by simple clamp on.

There are two types of sensors in the PowerMoni group that covers the different use cases:

  • PowerMoniSpot is very easy to install onto the outside of normal double insulated cables. It's used for surveillance purpose, and can be calibrated to show the actual power consumption. 
  • PowerMoniMain is a precise power sensor for switchboards. It's clamped on existing wires in the switchboards, and is used as submeter.


FlowMoni are our non-invasive clamp on flow sensors for flow of fluids in pipes.

  • FlowMoniSpot is an indicative flow sensor, used for surveillance and alarms. 
  • FlowMoniPro is a precise volumetic flow sensor, used as a main or submeter which can be clamped on the outside of the pipes, and calibrated to give the volumetric flow.


HeatMoni sensors measure heat. 

  • HeatMoniSpot is an indicative heat sensor, used for surveillance and alarms.
  • HeatMoniPro is a precise volumetic heat flow sensor, used as a submeter which can be clamped on the outside of the pipes.


RePower is our patented energy harvester for multicore cables, to replace the batteries in our sensors, and allow new sensor installations in places where batteries are not an option.

Other products

Our GateWay, Repeater etc. are described under Data-chain.

ReCalc, Artificial Intelligence (AI), alarm modules, user interface (UI), API, etc. are described under ReCalc.