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ReCalc is where you have access to all your data. Here’s a quick overview of the many features and possibilities!

  • Monitoring data
  • Graphical views
  • Alarms and warnings, using artificial intelligence
  • Available on desktops, tablets, and smartphones
  • Setup of ReMoni’s sensors
  • System and parameter settings
  • Users and accounts
  • Coherent with ReCalc MoniTor

Become a data-driven shark

Make the connections, withdraw information and keep track of your units. In ReCalc you can easily export your data from sensors, alarms, and gateways into Excel, for creating a better overview of your unit’s performance.

Watch the ReCalc video guide here

See the status of the sensor and gateway connections and add additional information like pictures of the units, GPS-coordinates, tags, and metadata.

The data can be accessed both through a graphical interface and through our API.

You can thereby use our solutions on its own, or in combination with partner solutions, or your existing solutions. 

API - Application Programming Interface

We believe in open integration and open systems.

Your data is your data. At any given time. 

ReCalc is made for easy integration to other systems, such as energy management programs (EMS) and Building Management Systems (BMS). 

To access data through our API, use

You can test the primary functions out using the demo login:

  • Username: demo
  • Password:  demo
Easy integration system


We use end-to-end encryption of data between the sensors/meters and ReCalc. This means that third party can’t get the data by tapping into our network. Likewise, the ReCalc connections are encrypted to protect from an unauthorized tap in. The data in ReCalc is protected behind log-in, only allowing access to the specific data the user is authorized for. 

end to end data-chain & data cryptation

We tell our sensors exactly what to do

Usually, it’s only possible to withdraw information from sensors, but ReMoni is anything else than usual. We’re able to place commands in our sensors which means, that you can adjust the sample rate and control the measure frequency from ReCalc, which gives you maximum control over your units.

Self-learning alarms

The ReCalc solution includes our self-learning alarm modules, to monitor your technical installations, in an easy way. The alarm modules use artificial intelligence (AI) to generate alarms, warnings, service, and maintenance information when needed.

The alarms work on basis of granular data from our sensors and collected data from other similar systems.

The alarm setup is easy, so the user doesn’t have to be a domain expert.

The alarms can be customized to different users as needed.

The standard self-learning alarms and communication modules are both included in the standard subscription.

You can see a demo of the web alarm-overview at

Username: demo
Password: demo

Self-learning alarms in ReCalc