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Wireless communication to and from sensors

The ReMoni platform uses wireless communication of data to and from sensors.

The GateWay is routing data from sensors to ReCalc, and parameter settings from ReCalc to the sensors.

We offer a coherent data-chain solution, so you avoid the risk of different vendor systems not working together. 


Download the datasheet on wireless communication



The ReMoni Gateway is routing data from sensors to ReCalc, and parameter settings from ReCalc to the sensors.


The Gateway can receive data from up to 500 sensors. When more Gateways are used, they will distribute the signals from the sensors themselves. 

If multiple Gateways are used, it will make the system redundant and thereby even more robust.

The Gateway transmits measuring data to our ReCalc service using LAN, WiFi or mobile data.

Download the Gateway data sheet or go to support for more information about the Gateway. 



The RePeater is not available yet, but if you want an update as soon as it is on the market, you can sign up for our newsletter.

The RePeater extends the systems wireless coverage area. Multiple RePeaters can be installed, and will automatically assemble a mesh network, to ensure a robust connection.

The RePeater consists of a ReMoni transmitter with built-in radio and a standard AC/DC power supply with micro USB.

  • Wireless communication with sensors
  • The size of the Transmitter box is determined by the antenna, to ensure a robust signal.
  • Multiple repeaters can be installed and will automatically cooperate.
  • Power supply: standard micro USB (i.e. 3.3 V to 5.5 V, min 50 mA).
  • Automatic data transmission to ReMoni GateWay(s).
  • Data security: Data from meters are handled encrypted.
  • All ReMoni products are tested individually before shipped from the factory

Other products

Sensors, meters, energy harvesters, etc. are described under Sensors.

ReCalc, Artificial Intelligence (AI), alarm modules, user interface (UI), API, etc. are described under ReCalc.



Datasheets and installation guides can be found in the download section under support.