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About ReMoni​

Eliminating loss of energy, production and CO2 is our mission.
Resource Monitoring technology is how we will deliver our part.
That is why ReMoni was founded – that is our name.

People behind

Bo Eskerod Madsen, CEO at ReMoni


Bo Eskerod Madsen

CEO and Solution Architect

Ole Puggard, CRO at ReMoni


Ole Puggaard

Chief Revenue Officer

Niels Riis Christensen, Account Manager


Niels Riis Christensen

Account Manager

We do Resource Monitoring to optimize energy consumption and production

ReMoni is all about saving resources in an inexpensive, intelligent, and easy way. We started out by inventing a whole new type of clamp-on sensors to help solve the problem. They differ by being able to monitor energy and flow from the outside of existing cables and pipes.

Our goal is to:

✓ Save energy and water, by drilling down to where the problems are in the buildings or production.
✓ Identify dysfunctional devices, and thereby eliminate waste and ensure stable operation.
✓ Deliver affordable metering to ensure fair and granular billing of sustainable energy and water.

With our technology we want to prove that we can fight the global climate crisis and
save money while we do it – all pinned out by the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The ReMoni history is built on a small group of environmental enthusiasts, who wanted to fight pollution by eliminating loss of resources. We knew that to solve it, we had to make it easier and cheaper to monitor technical installations to save both natural resources and money. Back in 2014 it all started. Since then, ReMoni has continued to grow thanks to funding and investors across borders. Today the ReMoni ownership is strengthened significantly by including Kenneth Iversen as a main investor, and the employees have become co-owners.


Technology must be for the greater good. It must help built a more sustainable living – and not bring harm.

Profitability is necessary and important for our business – but not why we were founded.

✓ Transparency and fairnessare core values for us – we believe that decent, fair and anti-corrupt relations pay off in the long run.

Decency is our way. Both in relation to employees and collaboration partners. In our view decency goes both ways – we strive hard to live by it and expect that our employees and partners do the same.

Good and clever people should be respected and rewarded, no matter if it is a colleague or a collaboration partner – we work and live as an organism, not a machine.

Sales and marketing


Mads Mosbæk Pedersen

UX designer

Rasmus Ladegaard

Product Manager



Asger Graarup Overby

Embedded Software Team Lead

Anders Dalsgaard Norlyk

Electronics Engineer

Lasse Lundhold

Embedded Software developer Trainee

Kim Schneider

Embedded Software developer

Ragnar-Gwyn Dixen

Electronics Engineer

Sune Vølker Mørch

Embedded Software developer Trainee

Mads Mørk Beck

Embedded Software developer

Alexander Møller Kristensen

Electronics Engineer



Mikal Schacht Jensen

Cloud Software Team Lead

Michael Schmidt Nissen

Cloud Software Developer Trainee

Apinayan Mohanathas

Cloud Software Developer

Niels Wadsholt

Cloud Software Developer