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People behind ReMoni​

ReMoni is a 100 % Danish owned company founded in 2014. 
Today the ReMoni ownership is split between CEO Bo Eskerod Madsen, co-owner and Chairman Kenneth Iversen and the employees.

Who to talk to?

When getting in touch with ReMoni you can be sure to meet fellow energy enthutiasts. We strongly believe that what we do is making a difference with our daily operation in the departments Hardware, Software and Sales & Marketing. We invite you to curse over the pictures below to get to know us a little better and to get in touch with the right person.

Sales & Marketing

Meet ReMonis talentet Account Manager, Niels Riis Christensen. Niels understands the actual needs of a Facility Manager and is highly competent to help you find the most cost-efficient solution for you.

Niels Riis Christensen_web

Niels Riis Christensen, Account Manager

Meet the skilled CRO at ReMoni, Ole Puggaard. As the Head of Sales and Marketing Ole has a strategic eye and a valuable overview of ReMonis development.

Ole Poggaard_web

Ole Puggaard, Chief Revenue Officer

Meet ReMonis talented Commercial Account Manager, Mick Winther. Besides being our ReSave expert Mick is very passionate about creating good customer experiences.

Mick Winther_web

Mick Winther, Commercial Account Manager

We are ReMoni

ReMonis production happens in-house and consists of three departments: Hardware, Software and Sales & Marketing. We are a house of 20+ developers who since 2014 have been reducing energy waste in buildings and production.

The Board

From the left:

Jesper Bjarne Haugaard
Member of the Board

Bo Eskerod Madsen

Kenneth Iversen
Co-owner and Chairman

Did you find what you came for?

We hope so – but in case you did not, have a look at the categories below. Remember that you can always check out our FAQ or contact us for assistance. Find our contact information by following the link.