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People behind ReMoni​

ReMoni is a 100 % Danish owned company founded in 2014. 
Today the ReMoni ownership is split between the ReMoni employees, and a group of very strong Danish venture capitalists and prominent business professionals.

Who to talk to?

When getting in touch with ReMoni you can be sure to meet fellow energy enthutiasts. We strongly believe that what we do is making a difference with our daily operation in the departments Hardware, Software, Finance, Business Development and Sales.

International business development

Anders Hjortsholm
CCO, Partner
Tel.: 2025 3903

Bo Eskerod Madsen
CEO & founder


Anders Steen Mortensen Head of Sales DK, Partner
Tel.: 2986 9584

Anders Brødsted Thostrup
Senior Consultant
Tel.: 6166 6573

Thea Raunsbaek
Sales Consultant
Tel.: 9156 7775

Peter Blauenfeldt
Senior Business Developer
Tel.: 2986 5660

Finance department

Jakob Farver-Vestergaard


Kenneth Iversen

Bo Eskerod Madsen

A large number of employees

The board

Kenneth Iversen

Steen Hildebrandt

Anders Hjortsholm

Anne Ginderskov Hansen

Anders Hjortsholm

Anders Hjortsholm has a career with more than 10 years in top management from large companies, and is heading the commercial activities in ReMoni. Anders holds a candidate degree in law and business management.  

Bo Eskerod Madsen

Bo Eskerod Madsen is CEO and founder of ReMoni. Bo has a background as a leader in R&D heavy organizations, where his area has been to transform deep R&D knowledge into market-ready products. Bo has a PhD M.Sc. in Statistical Data Analysis (Data Science) from Aarhus University, Denmark, and University of Auckland, New Zealand. 

Bo is driven by a passion for sustainability. The reason why he founded ReMoni came from his work as a Data Science where he saw how many resources we waste in our buildings and production systems. It looked very much like a task for Data Science…… but it far from solved the task alone.

The overall solution required that it became much easier and cheaper to measure, analyze and control all the existing technology we surround ourselves with. Only in this way can we introduce solutions widely that save our resources and extend the lifetime of our buildings and technology. It became ReMoni, where clamp-on sensors and control are combined with artificial intelligence to achieve Clamp-on Intelligence.   

Kenneth Iversen

Kenneth Iversen is Chairman and leading the group of venture capital investors behind ReMoni. Kenneth has more than 30 years’ experience as CEO for a Unimerco, where he successful build a strong international company based on market leading solutions, led by solid values and high integrity. 

Steen Hildebrandt

Steen Hildebrandt is member of the Board of Directors. He is a leading Danish academic and author on sustainability, business, organizational theory, and management. He is Professor Emeritus of Management Studies at Aarhus School of Business, University of Aarhus, and an associated professor at Copenhagen Business School. 

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Anne Ginderskov Hansen

Anne Ginderskov Hansen will join the ReMoni board. Anne has vast experience when it comes to setting the agenda and creating visibility. As director at Rud Pedersen, and as part of DI- Danish Industry, she has made a strong name within communication and politics. Anne holds a degree as Cand. Scient. Pol., and has a strong political network and a deep knowledge of policymaking and political processes from both government, parliament, and municipal perspectives in a wide range of policy areas.