Our founder Bo Eskerod Madsen is interviewed in today’s edition of Energy Watch about taking out patents.


“From the beginning, we have set up a strong strategy regarding patents because we know there is a need for our technology and the product we create. The planet needs no resources to go to waste, and that’s what we help with. The patent voucher meant for us that we run less risk when we start a patent process for a new sub-product, because we know that we will cover part of the cost, even if we end up not getting the patent,” says the founder Bo Eskerod Madsen. “


And  Flemming Kønig Mejl, head of unit at the Patent and Trademark Agency:

“Fundamentally, IP rights are often a prerequisite for growth and scaling. This applies both to green tech companies as well as to other innovative companies. When green tech companies use IP rights to protect their innovation, they can reap the rewards of all their development and get a good foundation for commercialization. This means that Danish green tech companies can better help with the green transition, but also that the companies get better growth conditions for the benefit of society.”