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OEE - Overall Equipment Effectiveness

We help you achieving OEE - easily and quickly

Get an overview of uptime on your machines and thus the opportunity to identify inefficiencies and bottlenecks.

With ReMoni’s unique clamp-on hardware, you can easily and affordably gain insight into when your machines are running – and when they are not. Our dashboards provide access to a clear analysis of your machine park’s performance.

We can monitor individual machines, but also look at entire production lines and thus identify bottlenecks.

We solve several challenges at once:

  1. It is difficult to form an overview of how much the individual machines are running and thus get an overview of capacity utilization.
  2. Bottlenecks in complex processes are difficult to identify and quantify.

Overview of the operating pattern

Automatic data collection from the individual machine or process means that you get an overall overview of the performance of machines and processes.

We make sure that the data you need is available when you need it.

The solution:

Measurement of the individual process
With our patented non-invasive clamp-on sensors, we collect operating data from the individual machine or process.

Description of business logic
Together we define how the individual process steps are connected and identify the key parameters that are reported on.

Collection of data in dashboards
Based on the collected data, we create relevant dashboards that give an immediate insight into how the individual machines or processes perform.

Overview of operating hours

With easily accessible dashboards, you get an overview of how machines or processes are performing.

Technical details

Unique IoT-sensors

Our wireless clamp-on sensors eliminate new errors occurring during installation and make installing them much easier.

With the non-invasive IoT sensors, we can install sensors risk-free in your production. Easy, fast and within normal working hours without shutting down machines.

Artificial Intelligence

The advanced mathematics (AI), which has been developed in collaboration with the University of Southern Denmark, Aarhus University and Aalborg University, makes it possible to build much simpler and more robust solutions than you otherwise see on the market.

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