Optimal manufacturing requires an overview – even across services

Most services are planned according to a certain time interval  This approach is quite common, even though different units do not operate equally and therefore do not show signs of wear and tear at the same time. As a result, the unit’s service interval can vary a lot which increases the importance of an overview to prevent an unwanted break down.

If you, as a professional, are employed in the production area, you must have experienced how impossible it can seem to gain an overview across the different units and get it based on a frequent data sampling going on 24/7.

A good overview is the best way to avoid a production stop.  

An overview of great value

The production units do rarely need service at the same time. For this reason, it would be essential only to perform service on the units when it is needed. Preventing wear by performing maintenance is of great value, since it prevents units from breaking down, which leaves the employees unable to do their job.

If you for example only perform services after each 6000 operation hours there is a significant risk to miss it, if a unit should show signs of wear between two services and thereby need for additional maintenance.  

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An overview across services

Lack of overview is expensive and so is unnecessary service.

For this reason, ReMoni is launching the power sensor PowerMoniMain, which provides you with an overview of energy consumption regardless services. Such a detailed overview is highly suitable for you as a Facility Manager where the everyday tend to be busy. With this solution you can effectively act on facts as soon as a  certain action is needed.

Utilize the capacity

You can follow the consumption of your production by following measurements from PowerMoniMain sampled every two minutes. If units which should have been closed down nights and weekends are still operating, you can rapidly detect and manage it. We call it act on facts.

On a longer term you will experience a raise in the consumption of some units as they get more and more worn out over time. After a certain number of operation hours, the units performance will be affected. You get nothing out of it – beside an increased electricity bill.

PowerMoniMain provides data sampling as frequently as every two minutes so you can take action. 

Avoid production stop

This solution makes it easy for you to spend your time as effectively as possible. Besides, this enables you to follow the operation development closely over time and exclusively summon technicians when you know that it is actually needed.

The data reading is easy and simple and in ReCalc – or ReCalc MoniTor – you have the option to set alarms. By doing this, you can gain a valuable overview in your prefered cloud platform. This makes it easy for you to take action and likely to save large amounts on money on production stop and downtime in the production.