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Project SnapToPowerQuality

Horizon2020 invests in ReMoni

The pain: Power quality issues cause unit failure and thereby production break-down, production loss, and energy loss. If the root cause of power quality issues can be tracked must loss of resources and money can be avoided. Just in the EU, the saving potential is 151.7 billion Euro.

The existing solution are, however, difficult and costly to install, because they must break into the multiconductor electricity cables to monitor the power quality. This is the key deal-breaker which has been tried solved for decades.

The solution: We have solved what no one else have been able to do before: we combine clamp-on power sensors with cloud AI, to measure critical deviations in the power flow from the outside of existing multiconductor cables.

The core secret in our technology is to use mathematical models to map the “non-sense” data acquired by the clamp-on sensors into the needed analytics of the impact on the power quality for all the machines in the production facility.

This patented low-cost and easy to install solution can help leverage the entire production facility-management environment and is therefore a key-enabler technology.


Figure 1. The patented clamp-on RM sensors.
Left: PowerMoniSpot on multi conductor cable. Right: PowerMoniMain.


Figure 2. The full solution consists of a central unit (PowerMoniMain) to measure in the central switchboard, and de-central units at each of the critical units needed to be monitored (using PowerMoniSpot).

Expected impact of our solution includes:

  1. Avoid loss of production and the belonging natural resources.
  2. Higher production stability and thereby production efficiency.
  3. Avoided loss of energy.
  4. Increased competitiveness of European production lines.

The value propositionCompared to the alternative solutions, SnapToPowerQuality offer:

  • Clamp-on sensors which are easy to click on existing cables without breaking into the installations. No other known solution can measure from the outside of multiconductor cables.
  • Self-learning AI (Artificial Intelligence) data analysis generates warnings and foresee breakdowns. The user gets operational messages to act on as the SnapToPowerQuality system gives specific warnings rather than just the measurements.
  • Inexpensive: Cost less than 10 % of the known alternatives to buy, install, and run, because the ease of installation and data-analysis.
  • Coherent: the cloud-AI and sensors work as one; over robust data-connections.
  • Open data, and easy integration to other systems, through API (Application Programming Interface).

SnapToPowerQuality is competitive and highly scalable because it builds on serial produced IoT sensors in combination with cloud operated analytics and integration software. Hereby, we achieve an easy to use and very cost-efficient solution.

IPR protection is sought through patents covering the core inventions behind our novel technology to achieve clamp-on sensor technology for power quality analysis.

Market: The estimated European market potential is 13.6 billion €. It is dominated by the large equipment vendors, like Johnson Controls, Honeywell, and National Instruments. In this large competitive market, we enter with an unrivalled value proposition – low cost and easy to install and run solution.

The Go-to-market strategy is based on combining SnapToPowerQuality pushed marketing with international partnerships on sales and distribution, where we focus on the production facility market, before spreading to the other segments; i.e. utilities, hospitals, etc.

Innovation Project: We will mature a patented clamp-on measurement platform to eliminate sources of power quality disturbance. This requires a combination of the deep knowledge on power quality analysis at TUE with the technical measuring platform from RM and the industrial integration from OS and ICB; i.e.:

+ Technical maturation of the clamp-on sensor platform.

+ Models of the power analysis implemented in the embedded and cloud software.

+ Integration into the existing industrial operation system.

+ Integration into the business models for efficient industrial production.

Partners in the FTI project

About the funding

We have received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 958600 to support our development with the project SnapToPowerQuality. Find more details about the project here.