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Today is Denmark’s #EarthOvershootDay  – the day when our total global consumption of resources exceeds our planetary regeneration rate.


Calculations from the UN show that we must reduce our emissions by 45% by 2030 (also from buildings) in order to reach #NetZero by 2050.


As Stefani Erika Papadaki from CBRE writes in Børsen, one of the best ways to achieve this is by looking at renovating the existing building stock.

95% of the current building stock will still be standing in 2050.

Three out of four investors believe that reducing energy consumption and thus the building’s CO2 footprint is the most effective way to influence property value.

Unfortunately, the lack of quality data has proven to be one of the major obstacles to achieving #ESG goals.

Quality data is now available and you can therefore already start today to make a significant effort for the climate – even without renovating.


Maybe that was a place to consider starting?

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