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Data Driven Energy Management

The shortcut to successful energy management:

A large part of the work of writing the report for the annual energy review and audit consists, according to experience, of collecting and processing data from different systems, departments, and areas.

With ReMoni’s Data-Based Energy Management, there will always be access to consolidated data, regression analysis and EnPIs (Energy Performance Indicators). Thus, your time can be used where real value can be created: Identification and implementation of optimization opportunities.

We are going for several challenges at once:

  1. Collecting relevant data is a resource-intensive process that involves multiple systems and employees.

  2. Manually collected data is often incomplete and error prone.

  3. It is difficult to create an easily accessible continuous insight into the development of energy consumption.

Release your employees for other work

Automatic data collection, validation and reporting means that resources previously spent on manual processes can be freed up.

We make sure that data is available when you need it.

Collection of existing data

We retrieve data from existing data sources. Typically, from sources such as:

  • Energy suppliers
  • BMS (Building Management System)
  • SCADA (Supervisory control and data acquisition)
  • Production management systems

Establishment of new data
Where there has been manual reading of consumption meters up to now, we are establishing automatic collection of data.
The non-invasive clamp-on sensors from ReMoni make installation on cables and pipes quick and easy.

Collection of data in dashboards
Based on the collected data, we create relevant dashboards that can be used directly in the Energy Management Report or in other internal reporting. So you don’t have to spend time manually creating graphs and tables in Excel or the like.

ISO 50001

The automated reports are available when you need them.

The reports can be integrated directly into your management and ISO 50001 reporting.

And they can be accessed from anywhere.

Technical details

Unique IoT sensors

Our wireless clamp-on sensors eliminate new errors occurring during installation and make installing them much easier. With the non-invasive IoT sensors, we can install sensors risk-free in your production.

Easy, fast and within normal working hours without disturbing or shutting down machines.

Artificial Intelligence

We use artificial intelligence to learn the building's thermal properties, when the building is typically used - and of course takes the weather forecast into account.

The advanced mathematics (AI), which has been developed in collaboration with the University of Southern Denmark, Aarhus University and Aalborg University, makes it possible to build much simpler and more robust solutions than you otherwise see on the market.

"ReMoni doesn't just supply sensors, they have a coherent solution that just works - and they supply data that can be trusted 100%.
On top of that, the solution is incredibly easy to get started with.

We received great accolade from the auditor from DNV GL – she had rarely seen such a well-worked and detailed energy mapping.
So, a big thank you to ReMoni for the fine data base.”

- Henrik Olsen, Technical Manager, Centrum Pæle

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