Danish IoT supports Centrum Pile’s energy mapping 

It is a major challenge for the concrete industry to transform a CO2-heavy production to better sustainability. 

At Centrum Pile, they are aware that everything produced has a CO2 footprint – and that every effort must be made to reduce this as much as possible. 

Centrum Pile uses the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals as a guideline to become more sustainable. 

To carry out the measures that reduces the CO2 footprint most effectively, it is necessary to know where to act. 

That is why they are already working with the environmental management system ISO 14001 at Centrum Pæle. When Technical Manager Henrik Olsen had to do a compulsory energy inspection of the factory, he found out that you could start with ISO 50001 §6.3. 

And then he started thinking: 

– Can you map the energy usage of the entire production in 10 weeks if you get help from smart IoT sensors? 

10 weeks is the time frame within a Marine and Technical Engineer student must do their thesis at the end of the study. 

Student Jens Laasholdt accepted the challenge. However, the internship period was not quite enough, but due to the efforts of Jens, he was offered a permanent position to complete the project and to continue working on climate and energy optimization. 

With the help of ReMoni’s patented IoT sensors and Cloud-based analysis tools, Jens began the challenge.  

“The smart sensors from ReMoni were a huge help in solving the assignment. With continuous measurements every second or minute, we suddenly got a detailed picture of the production at a level we have never seen before “, says Henrik Olsen and continues: 

“ReMoni does not just supply sensors, they have a coherent solution that works seamlessly – and they deliver data that is 100% reliable. The solution is extremely easy to get started with. We received great acclaim from the auditor from DNV GL – she had rarely seen such a thorough and detailed energy mapping. A great ‘thank you’ to ReMoni for the excellent data provided.” 

In addition to energy improvements at the factory itself, Centrum Pile is also looking into contributing to “Green Construction” of the future, buying its energy from sustainable sources. That is why Centrum Pile is also working on selling their Energy Piles. With the Energy Piles, you can provide geothermal heat and cooling to the building at the same time as the Energy Pile is carrying the building.