Things are going well for the Skanderborg company Remoni, who have been successful in recent years with their IoT solutions for energy optimization.

So far, they have an office in Denmark and also production in Romania, but the money is mainly earned in Denmark.

That, CEO, and founder Bo Eskerod Madsen hopes, will change in the future, because Remoni wants to go out into the world – at least in Europe in the first instance.

– We want to expand, deliver more services and generally go beyond the Danish borders, says Bo Eskerod Madsen.

Will establish partnerships

ReMoni’s way out into the rest of Europe must be through local partnerships, says the director.

– We will grow a lot through partners when we go into other countries, because they have the people and they have the presence, says Bo Eskerod Madsen.

Therefore, they are already probing the terrain for potential partnerships in European countries.

– We are looking for partners, and it could be, for example, those who would otherwise see us as competitors, because they have access to the market, support, service, installation and so on.

But won’t it be difficult to convince potential competitors to cooperate with you?

– Maybe it will be difficult, but many are good at seeing the possibilities, and if they are far-sighted enough, they can see that we have a smart technology, says Bo Eskerod Madsen.


The US will be difficult – at first

However, the director insists that initially it will be in the European markets that they will expand the business, because there are some practical measures that make it more difficult to cross the Atlantic.

– We are betting on Europe first, because there are some approvals in the US that we do not have yet, and that costs a lot of resources. In Europe it is easier because it is the same approvals, so it makes sense to start here. But which countries we enter will be driven a lot by where we can establish some good partnerships, says Bo Eskerod Madsen.

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