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We optimise buildings
comfort and energy consumption

Optimising buildings' comfort and energy consumption can be a big and
unmanageable task

Budgets are often tight, resources are scarce and each building has unique requirements that require different individual management.

On top of that, various technical systems are often installed, each of which requires in-depth knowledge in order for them to run most efficiently.

Large organizations in particular face challenges when it comes to building optimization of many buildings – which are often spread over large geographical distances.

We at ReMoni have taken care of that.

We actually believe that we have some of the best solutions on the market for just this.
Solutions that deliver on climate objectives and create noticeable savings. Without new capital investments.

We create climate and energy savings with secured profit.

We have a brand new technology that can lower the energy consumption for heating in your buildings.

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  • We screen the buildings to find the most obvious savings opportunities
  • Provides a continuous overview across the portfolio
  • Affordable solution on top of existing main meter data
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Get your buildings optimised with a guarantee of profit.

We typically save 25% of the energy and at the same time the users achieve better health, comfort, and productivity. The building simply becomes better to stay in.

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New patented technology

We have developed completely new patented technology that, among other things, can lower the energy consumption for heating in your buildings – without compromising on comfort.

With ReMoni’s solutions, it doesn’t matter which technical systems you already have installed in your buildings.

We add more new data points in your buildings and our algorithms thereby get a larger and more nuanced set of data to work with. In collaboration with e.g., your existing BMS, we manage your buildings even better – to the benefit of both climate and bottom line.

Whether you are a municipality, company, retailer or have a portfolio of commercial properties, we have a solution that can help you.

Unique IoT sensors

Our wireless clamp-on sensors eliminate new errors occurring during installation and make installing them much easier.

With the non-invasive IoT sensors, we can install sensors risk-free in your buildings. Easy, fast and within normal working hours without disturbing the users of the buildings.

Artificial Intelligence

We use artificial intelligence to learn the building's thermal properties, when the building is typically used - and of course takes the weather forecast into account.

The advanced mathematics (AI), which has been developed in collaboration with the University of Southern Denmark, Aarhus University and Aalborg University, makes it possible to build much simpler and more robust solutions than you otherwise see on the market.

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