Prevent pumps and expensive machines from running nonstop

Imagine a classic production setting. The vibe is good but busy and the building’s many employees and technical installations are working side by side. During the working hours the production runs smoothly, but during weekends and overnight no one knows if it is actually on or off.

In many buildings aggregates are running day and night. If you get an overview, you can influence the hidden consumption based on data. 


Avoid additional bills on energy consumption easily
– ensure idling when the production is not running

To avoid waste, you need to know when the production is running. Ideally you should also be able to point out the dysfunctional units. When it comes to waste reduction, an overview is your best tool – it can both help you improve your business and bottom line.

Here come our 3 best ideas for waste reduction.

– Check up on your pumps

Enormous amounts of district heating are used daily, activating pumps of all kinds. An optimal cooling is equal to minimal waste, and this helps you save money on energy – now and not at least on a long-term scale.

Return water cooling is the first key element when it comes to avoiding unnecessary extra costs. By returning correctly cooled water the circulation pump needs to manage and distribute a smaller amount of water. Hereby, oversteering by users can be avoided – with minimal wear and operation costs as the result.

Find our elaborated advice about return water cooling here.

Save money on pumps

– Turn off your idling engines

Scale down the unintended consumption and save resources. Key: The CTS systems.

Management units such as CTS systems enable automation and operation benefits. But often they generate errors due to lacking checkups on the settings. An operation checkup is not cheap, but continuing without it can turn out quite expensive as well.

We advise you to check up on your idling installations.
Start asking yourself these 3 questions:

  • Do you have pumps or other technical installations running outside your operation hours?

  • Could anything in your building easily be turned off in stead of being on standby overnight?

  • Do you have consumption during weekends and holidays?

– Improve the performance with PowerMoniMain

PowerMoniMain has multiple options for usage. Metering this exact gives you a detailed overview so you can easily detect and react on unintended operation.

If your units are on at night, during weekends or at other unnecessary times, it will be indicated on your dashboard. The dashboard is shown in the cloud-based programme ReCalc or ReCalc MoniTor and displays your data registered by PowerMoniMain. You can find more about ReCalc and ReCalc MoniTor here.


– Eliminating CO2-emmision 

We invite you to consider our three advises because eliminating CO2-emmision is our mission. 

Besides, the society is favorizing companies with a sustainable profile and the demands go far beyond the actual product. The best argument to choose sustainability is saving the natures limited resources. Nevertheless, the strongest arguments seems to be the ones focusing on the sustainbility’s great economic potential.