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AnalogMoniSpot upgrades your compatible analog sensors with wireless communication and data learning in the cloud. With increasing demands for measurement data to be seen in real-time and be available in the cloud, this often requires the replacement of an otherwise fully functional sensor. AnalogMoniSpot makes a potential sensor replacement unnecessary. AnalogMoniSpot connects to the analog sensor with two wires and you are ready to go.

Multiple function sensor

AnalogMoniSpot can receive analog signals on 0-10 VDC or 4-20 mA. The internal battery provides 15 years of lifespan with standard data intervals.

AnalogMoniSpot automatically connects to ReCalc, ReMonis cloud solution, through our GateWay. A GateWay can communicate with over 100 ReMoni sensors and by setting up multiple GateWays in strategic locations, the sensor capacity and range are expanded.

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