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The AirMoniSpot is equipped with a sensor package that measures the air’s content of CO2 (ppm) and humidity (%). This allows for observation and improvement of comfort in offices, classrooms, conference rooms, etc. The measurements are stored in the cloud where they are always accessible. Therefore, the AirMoniSpot is ideal for documentation in quality assurance and for controlling the indoor climate.

People present?

AirMoniSpot is another important tool in the toolbox for achieving energy savings. Based on the measurements, ReMonis AI can determine when there are people present in a room. If the room is empty, the lights and ventilation are turned off and the temperature is lowered.

In addition to the sensor functionality, the AirMoniSpot also functions as a standard ReMoni GateWay. This means that the more AirMoniSpots that are set up, the better coverage will be obtained on the other ReMoni sensors located in the building.