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Privacy Policy

Personally Identifiable Information

When you create a user on, you have to supply your email address, name and timezone. The email is used when signing in, and so that we can send you alarms and notifications. We use your name to personalize your experience (such as emails starting with "Hello John"), and your timezone to adjust timestamps to match your location, when you view data or read alarms and notifications

We neither require nor store any other personally identifiable information on our users.

Data ownership

It is our firm belief at ReMoni, that the data belong to our customers. Your personal information is yours, and ultimately you have the right to withdraw your consent to us using it and have your user deleted. The same is true for any sensor data we have collected on your behalf. As an account owner, that data is yours, and you decide whether you want us to have it or not.

Should you wish to remove your (or your account's) data from our system, we will comply with that wish. Read the section below on "The right to be forgotten"

ReMoni will use data from across accounts to perform benchmarks on our customers' equipment, generate alarms, and so on. But data will never "seap" between accounts and become available to anyone but the account owner. And we will never sell or share your personal- or your account's data with anyone. No exceptions!

If you wish to share your data with a third party, you can, through the API or via ReCalc, you can grant anyone access to your account, and revoke it again at a later point.

The right to be forgotten

To request that your personal data or your entire account be deleted, please send an email to detailing whether you want your user or your account deleted. Expect us to contact you for additional details and verification.

Please note: Only the owner of an account can request its' deletion.

Once we have verified that you are indeed the owner of a specified user or account, we will proceed to permanently delete the associated data from our system. It will still exist in previously performed backups, which are retained for 35 days and then automatically deleted. However, in the extremely unlikely event that we have to restore a backup containing data on a deleted user, we will remove the data from the system again, once the restore is complete.