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People behind


Bo Eskerod Madsen - CEO

Bo is the founder of ReMoni. Bo has been working on the concept since he invented it to solve the monitoring problems revealed in research projects on energy waste. Prior to founding ReMoni, Bo has obtained a PhD degree in the field, and lead a team that have developed a number of monitoring systems on commerical basis.


Sales and marketing

Ole Puggaard - Chief Sales Officer

I like to solve problems thereby helping people. This is my top driving force. Throughout my career I have been driven by my intellectual curiosity to find answers to the most crucial questions.
Whether it's finding new market penetration methods or new ways to increase sales, I've been able to uncover a pain point and to come up with a strategic solution.
Current: Working with an incredibly bright group of people who are fanatically devoted to solve the climate problems by saving energy usage in buildings.

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Niels Riis Christensen - Account Manager

Rasmus Ladegaard - Product Manager 





Julie Brogaard - Sales and Office Assistant

Marc Christopher Damholt Thomas - Business Engineering


Ragnar-Gwyn Dixen - Electronics Engineer 

Anders Dalsgaard Norlyk - Electronics Engineer 

Mads Mørk Beck - Electronics Engineer

Alexander Møller Kristensen - Electronics Engineer

Per Melchior Larsen - Electronics developer

Niels Uth - IPR specialist

Embedded software

Asger Graarup Overby - Firmware Specialist

Kim Schneider - Embedded Software developer



Mikal Schacht Jensen - Software Developer

Kasper Myung Nørtoft - Software Developer


Apinayan Mohanathas - Software Developer


Maybrit Eriksen - Financial Management