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We have good partners for sales & distribution, development and test respectively.


Vitani Energy Systems A/S is an innovator in enterprise class building energy management solutions and provides energy management software and services for enterprises, education, government, municipalities and utilities sector. Vitani is the developer of the Energy Management System OMEGA EMS.

Caverion designs, builds and maintains user-friendly and energy-efficient building systems and offers industrial services. Caverion has over 18,000 employees in 13 countries. Caverion is responsible for market directed activities, and supporting the demo-sites of the ReMoni solution.




Noliac is a development and production house, specialized in technology innovation. We collaborate with Noliac within energy harvesting technologies.

The Danish Technological Institute is an independent, non-profit knowledge institution. The Institute develop, apply and disseminate research-and technology-based knowledge for the Danish business community. Technological Institute help us on some of the technical issues on the flow sensor development and certification.

The Center for Energy Informatics was founded in 2013 and is an interdisciplinary research and innovation center that brings together researchers in the fields of computer science, applied physics, electrical engineering and social science in the application of information technology to optimize the integration and interactions of assets in the energy domain, including generation sources, distribution infrastructure and consumer processes. See more about our collaboration project here:




The Alexandra Institute is a private non-profit company that works with applied research, development and innovation in information technology with the aim creating growth and prosperity in the Danish society. The Alexandra Institute help us develop user friendly user interfaces.

EnergyDeck is designed to make it simple to track and manage your organisation’s resource consumption, while providing powerful collaborative features that go beyond what’s available in the market today. EnergyDeck develop user friendly interfaces on top of the ReMoni solution.

Xtel is a development house, specialized in technology innovation, wireless technology and Internet of Things. We collaborate with xtel within energy harvesting technologies.

TATA Consultancy Service (TCS) is a leader in the global marketplace and among the top 10 technology firms in the world. TCS help us e.g. with partnership connections to large international companies.

Former projects


The investors in our well completed former projects, laying the foundation of ReMoni:

Eurostars is a program that supports research-performing small and medium enterprises, which develop innovative products, processes and services, to gain competitive advantage. In collaboration with the Alexandra Institute and EnergyDeck we run the cross EU collaboraion EU+ EuroStars project on user interaction, on top of our meter platform. The project is partly funded from the EU and the Danish Innovation Fond.

We have received funding from Syddansk Vækstforum, supported with EU fund, for an OPI project, testing new electric monitoring technology with cloud based alarm modules, in order to minimize electricity consumption and avoid waste. Public partners are the University of Southern Denmark SDU and the Municipality of Odense.

Central Denmark Europe is central Jutlands EU office in Brussels. Behind Central Denmark Europe are the municipalities in central Jutland and Region Midtjylland. The office vision is to provide citizens, businesses and institutions in Central Jutland maximize the benefits of the EU. Central Denmark EU help us to apply for EU support for our future development.

INternet Cleantech ENablers Spark project (INCENSe) aims to foster innovation and high tech employment in the European Energy Sector through the provision of funding and top level acceleration services to support entrepreneurs in the creation of innovative market-oriented solutions able to make energy smarter, reliable and efficient. ReMoni won the INCENSe price as one of the most innovative start-ups i Europe.


Væksthus Midtjylland help entrepreneurs and businesses, who will develop new markets and products. They have helped us with advise and financial support in the first fases of the development.