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Investors and awards

We have received good help and awards from a number of institutions:

Capnova is an investment and development company that supports start-up businesses, holds a solid business experience and a strong network so innovative ideas can turn into successful companies. Capnova have invested in ReMoni and owns a part of the company. 

Market Development Fund. The aim of the Market Development Fund is to promote growth, employment and export, particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises in areas where Denmark has particular strengths and potential. The fund has supported test and adaption of our FlowMoni solution.

We have received funding from the InnoBooster programme, in order to obtain and build new knowledge, being able to develop our power meter solution PowerMoniMain.


We have received support from Denmark's Green Investment Fund, who aims to ensure funding of projects that promote green change in society.
According to the political mandate, it must be in renewable energy, energy conservation or resource efficiency.

Under the European Union’s SME Instrument phase 1 and phase 2, the H2020 programe has supported the next step of the development of our novel energy harvester, delivering battery- and maintenance free sensor energy. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 732582.

EUDP support new energy technologies that create growth and jobs, increase security of supply, and helps to make Denmark independent of fossil fuels by 2050. EUDP supported us financially in the development of our core technology behind our PowerMoniSpot solution, in a joint project with Caverion.

Eurostars is a program that supports research-performing small and medium enterprises, which develop innovative products, processes and services, to gain competitive advantage. In collaboration with the Alexandra Institute and EnergyDeck we ran the cross EU collaboraion EU+ EuroStars project on user interaction, on top of our meter platform. The project is partly funded from the EU and the Danish Innovation Fond.

We have received funding from Syddansk Vækstforum, supported with EU-funding, for an OPI project, testing new electric monitoring technology with cloud based alarm modules, in order to minimize electricity consumption and avoid waste. Public partners are the University of Southern Denmark SDU and the Municipality of Odense.

INternet Cleantech ENablers Spark project (INCENSe) aims to foster innovation and high tech employment in the European Energy Sector through the provision of funding and top level acceleration services to support entrepreneurs in the creation of innovative market-oriented solutions able to make energy smarter, reliable and efficient. ReMoni won the INCENSe price as one of the most innovative start-ups i Europe.