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Cookie Policy

ReMoni uses cookies to monitor the usage and health of our website. We will always be open and honest about how this affects our visitors and what information we collect.

As of current EU law, we are required to get the users consent before setting any cookies used to track or monitor the behavior of our visitors. This is why we display a big yellow box, asking for permission to set cookies. Be assured, that we will not set any tracking cookies before permission is granted.

Our cookies

Here is a complete list of the cookies we set.

Name Description Requires consent Duration Set by
cookieconsent The users consent to store tracking cookies no Until removed ReMoni
_ga Used to distinguish users across multiple visits yes 2 years Google Analytics1
_gat Used to throttle request rate (send data less often) yes 1 minute Google Analytics1
_gid Used to distinguish users during a single visit  yes 24 hours Google Analytics1
ai_session Used to distinguish visits yes A single visit Application insights2
ai_user Used to distinguish users yes 1 year Application insights2
__hstc Contains the domain (, the timestamps for the user's first, previous and current visits, and a session number yes 2 years HubSpot3
hubspotutk Used to keep track of the user yes Untill removed HubSpot3
__hssc Used to keep track of the user's sessions yes 30 minutes HubSpot3
__hssrc Used to keep track of sessions yes A single visit HubSpot3

Note: All collected data are anonymous, and contains no personally identifiable information.

Withdraw consent

If you have already given your consent but wish to withdraw it, use the button below. Note, however, that the cookie consent popup, will be displayed again until consent is given.

Withdraw consent to store tracking cookies

  1. Google Analytics is a tool used to gather statistics on how visitors use a website. Pageviews, duration of visits, browsers, screen resolution and so on.
  2. Application insights track visits and pageviews but also monitors the performance of the website, as well as logging any errors that might occur during its' execution
  3. HubSpot collects statistics on how visitors use the website. How often they visit, which pages they view, how they users navigate the site and so on.