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ReMoni is a combination of the two words "Resource" and "Monitoring". ReMoni was founded in April 2013, and funded for the real take off in 2014. Since then, the development has gained speed.

The idea behind ReMoni was born from projects conducting continuous measurements of resource usage in buildings, small businesses, agriculture, the public sector, and households. From the projects, it became clear that to reduce the waste of resources, you need a running overview of your technical installations; in an easy, inexpensive and robust way.

Since a typical installation at a production facility or an institution easily covers more than 30 devices that are relevant to monitor, the costs of sensors/meters, encapsulation, and installation technicians easily exceeds 20.000 €. Moreover, the conventional systems are difficult to fit in. This challenge gave rise to the idea of ReMoni, a monitoring system which is easy to install and operate, robust, and at a significant lower cost. 

Mission and core values


Our mission is to develop novel technology for easy and low cost surveillance of technical installations in buildings and production – to help obtaining sustainable living.

The environmental goal is to play our part in delivering the huge savings obtained by close monitoring of technical installations. If we can add to all the good efforts made, to reduce our waste of energy and production in a circular economy, we will be proud.

Transparency and fairness are core values for us - we believe that decent, fair and anti-corrupt relations pays off in the long run.


There are now more than 20 people working on a strong solution for you. 

Partnerships are an important part of our business, both in terms of investments and collaborations.